Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Non-Nano Blues

I wish I was doing Nano! *groan* I'm getting the hilarious and inspirational email pep talks from Chris Baty in my inbox and seeing my friends chat excitedly online about the bold and determined authorial beginnings they've made in the past few days, and I wanna be writing too! So much so, that I thought yesterday, this month can't be so bad time-wise, everyone's busy, that's the whole point, you make time to write no matter what...maybe I can do this! I got out a pen and paper, planning to make a to do list and get myself so organized for the month of November that I could in fact make time for novel writing in the midst of the craziness.

The bad news is that my first instincts were right, I do not have time right now. It's impossible(why oh why sweet nanowrimo, do you have to be in November?). But the good news...by the time I was done compiling my relentless and unwieldy list of tasks and obligations, I'd pretty much made my 1400K for the day...nonfiction, unfortunately.

(perhaps I'll have to make my own lonely Nano in March...absolutely nothing happens in March...)


  1. hm. perhaps with some quick reassembling you could use those daily lists as your 'new, edgy' angle? existential housely duty type thing? totally random yet wholly orderly! whoa....

  2. I don't wanna write what I know!!! Boooooorrrrriiiing!

    I want to write about dragons.

    (actually, that's a very good idea. the list thing...)


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