Monday, January 12, 2009

What do you want this year?

PS This sweet|salty blog post inspired the Varga girl resolution. (although I would have chosen a different inner Varga girl if my sons didn't like to check out my art journal...I didn't want to have to answer too many awkward questions...)


  1. I love it! Makes me want to art journal my own wants! Love the Tasty Elephant and the Vargras Girl!

  2. i have failed miserably at art journalling. but now i can marvel vicariously via your fabulous entry! did you finish by the deadline?

  3. You can't fail at art journaling! Just grab a book and some paints and go at it. Your book would be amazing...lyrics and drawings and explosions of colour!
    And this one wasn't for Suzi. My own thing that I started before she posted her project idea...but I LOVED her project. The "what I'd do if I only had 6 months", "what I'd be proud of if I was old as dirt" and then a page to focus on the places where the two coincide?! Really genius. I would have so done it if I wasn't already going on my 7 wants.


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