Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Influences and Inspiration

Art on the brain this week. I feel a little like a giant sponge, getting heavy and over saturated with all the exciting stuff I've been encountering lately! I can't seem to find quite enough time to paint or art journal it all out, even though I've been taking more time than I oughtta, and am scandalously behind on everything I have to do right now (planning the boys 9th b-day party, yikes!)

So here's a bit of an attempt to gather some of these influences and inspirations into one tidy place, and to share the joy!

What I am loving right now:

Gary Reef! I have been admiring Gary's work and enjoying his youtube vids for awhile. He recently started a ning site, and will be offering all sorts of cool workshops there. Gary makes me want to paint...really, really paint with boldness and panache, and to try new things...

Willowing (Tam), another youtube artist, with a fun and whimsical ning site. She is warm and engaging, and her art journal work is absolutely gorgeous. It's a bit of a departure for me, having a general horror of anything too "girly", but Tam is such a beautiful person, she inspires me to want to embrace the frilly, pink bits of my personality too. ;)

A happy discovery that I stumbled on from a link to a link to a link, Seth Apter's work on his blog The Altered Page. So rugged and tactile, I absolutely love it!

And last...for now (Time, curse you, you cruel mistress! *shakes tiny fist at clock*), Egon Schiele. An old interest rediscovered with fervour.


  1. egon. EGON! egon.

    i love his figure work, but that last one you posted, the spindly trees, i am so taken with. i remember the first time i saw that one i was transported back to when i was a daydreamy kid, sitting on this weird wooden platform at my gramma and papa's house, just sitting in the sun and watching the trees and the sky.

    ahhhh, to be a kid again. not something an Egon Schiele painting really inspires that often....

  2. Thanks so much for acknowledging my blog in this post. It is very much appreciated. I look forward to checking out the other links as well.

  3. So cool that you stopped by, Seth. I'm really looking forward to following your blog. :)

    And yes, the spindly trees! There is just something about those spindly trees...


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