Friday, March 20, 2009

Happiness is...a Really Big Art Journal

When I first started art journaling, I purposefully made myself a small book. Nothing fancy, just a little brown paper covered, card stock filled, amateurishly coptic bound dealie. The idea of a large, blank page staring up at me, waiting to be filled, would have been intimidating, but something small I felt I could handle. I continued to make books around the same scale (about 8"x5" for an open 2 page spread)and happily worked away. But I got to the point where I was feeling more and more cramped. I love art journaling (maybe even more than working on individual pieces), and I needed much more room to work. But how to make a much bigger art journal simply and very cheaply?

Would you believe, manila folders? I used this vid by samanthakira as a jumping off point, and away I went. I was skeptical about using manila file folders as a surface, but after being gessoed, they are really strong and perfect for whatever mixed media you want to throw at them. Probably not archival quality, may not be around for my great, great grandchildren to look at, but whatev. Life is impermanence, and it sure is fun to have a place where I am free to just mess around.

So I've been working away, and loving it. Here are a few pages:
(the first 2 are inspired by one of Gary Reef's "Loosen Me Up" course exercises which I can't seem to get enough of. There may be a series of crazy ladies coming! First is Crazy with Worry and the 2nd, which is still a WIP I think, is Love Crazy.)

PS Haven't had time to start the naked challenge yet, but am planning to work on it this afternoon. eek!

PS II Sorry for the shoddy photo quality, but the idea of having to take the time to scan them in properly and tidy them up in photoshop, fills me with a very painful sort of ennui. So this folks, is as good as it gets on this busy day. :)


  1. A series of Crazy Ladies coming?! I love it!

  2. Crazy ladies.. I love... totally remind me of Dorian Gray in a way. Love it!

  3. wow I really love these drawings!!

  4. you are so talented! i love your drawings, they truly burst with life and intellect, passion and intensity.

  5. gawd i love these - the first, i think i commented on somewhere else, but that 2nd one. OMG!!! Brilliant you superstar, you! Look at you go!

    Thanks for the link and journal story - I too am working through my usual size moleskin notebook and thinking of going larger than the last. Can you believe how far we have come?! I still need to pose and shoot naked; once my office is finished its little reno it will be done :) I'll be sure to share.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Wow, how lucky am I? All of these kind words and support! Thank you so much. My day is now officially a million times brighter. :)

  7. Keeley, I'll show you mine if you show me yours! ;)

    I worked on the naked picture this afternoon. I did a sketch that I'm reasonably happy with, and then thank goodness I made a practice copy, because I effed it up royally when I went to paint it. This challenge is hard on so many levels!
    Hopefully I won't have to practice too much more...there are only so many times one can draw their own I may run out of paint. Baby has got back. ;)

  8. Aw shucks, I ain't good. Crazy is just my forte.


  9. Great looking journal and I love the style of your artwork! Thanks too for the comments on my blog.


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