Monday, May 25, 2009

Hot Off the Presses: The Story Box

Several people have asked about getting a copy of my book. Aw shucks guys, I'm honoured. :) Thanks. I really wish I had author copies to give to everyone, but alas I don't.

For my American friends it is very easy. You can actually order a copy cheaper than I can! (shipping to Canada is a bee-otch!!!) You just go to the Createspace estore. Please note, that I have set the price at cost (not trying to make munny's off of my peeps). I will likely not leave my store page open indefinitely, so get 'em soon if you want 'em!

For my Canadian friends, who all well know the pain of International shipping charges, duty and exchange...the best I could do was to bulk order a batch of books myself, at my "author price". They still came to about $12.50 CDN each (plus shipping if you would like me to mail it out to you), but since they are charging $25 USD per individual book to ship internationally from Creatspace (I kid you not! And that does NOT include the price of the book itself!), it is still a much better deal for us Canucks this way. So if you want one, let me know and I will hook you up.

I love having the actual physical copy of my story in hand. I had fun writing it, and I think that comes through in the story. It is a fun story. I wrote it for my sons, who were then 7 years old, and read what I had completed to them each night at bedtime for critique. They had a lot to say! And they loved my story. I included everything that a kid could want...pirates, dragons, knights, robots, dogs, a whole town made of candy, leprechauns and vampires...because, why not? Why the hell not? Sometimes more is more. And I wove it around the loss of a Great Grandmother, because the boys had just lost theirs, and filled it full of as much love and care and bravery about the Big Questions as I could for them. All in all I am quite proud of it. :)

(More art coming soon, been painting everyday, although not always completing a painting in a day. Where does this leave me for my challenge? *shrugs* Sure am having fun though, and learning a tonne, as always.)


  1. Obviously, I would love a copy. Let me know the price including shipping.

  2. Thanks! I ordered it and can't wait to get it!! I think maybe I'll mail it to you and have you sign it, so when you are a famous author, I'll have a signed rare edition :)

    Stay awesome!

    Naturegeek aka Maggie

  3. Aw, thanks NG! :) How about if I send you a little book plate or something to save all that shipping?

    And I will figure out an exact Canadian quote incl. shipping next time I'm at the post office (hopefully in the next couple of days).

  4. congratulations! you should sniff out a small grant or something to see if you can print off a small run.

  5. My copy should arrive just a bit before my birthday! I am so excited. And I am thinking along the lines of Naturegeek; would it be too much for me to send it to you for signing or will there be U.S. author tour soon?


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