Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Of Kitchen Glory & Broken Bones

A very busy last several days. Eventful.

Father's Day weekend was delightful. The DH didn't ask for much by way of presents, so we decided to spoil him with his favourite foods. On Saturday I spent almost 5 hours in he kitchen. It felt old times when I used cooking as my creative outlet, and entertained a lot. I think I'll be back in the kitchen in earnest more often this summer, so expect more food nerd posts.
I made...

Fluffy white loaves like Gramma used to make. Unrepentant, unadulterated CARBS...and so good.
Tofu Mushroom Quiche. I can't pretend I wouldn't rather have one made with eggs, but this makes an excellent substitution.
Herb and Feta Potato Salad, to go with some lovely green beans and Italian sausage for Saturday's dinner.
Chocolate Stout Cupcakes...not stout as in "will make you stout", although surely they will do that, but stout as in with beer in them. Perfect for Dad's day.
Rhubarb Strawberry good. I also made pickled carrots, marinated mushrooms and a few other things I didn't get pics of. We had a big sandwich spread, with the homemade bread and some nice cheeses for the Sunday meal (as per DH's request), and decorated the table as follows:

I mean, c'mon, does it get better than that? Srsly. It was much appreciated by the dad in question, and the boys had sooo much giggly, "secret" fun planning and setting everything up. So a great weekend.

Now for the broken bones... it wasn't me this time! (which will surprise anyone who knows my Queen Klutz track record) The DH fell yesterday morning, bright and early and hurt his foot. We're off to the dr.s again this morning to figure out the extent of the injury. Poor guy. Not the best way to start the summer. At least he got a nice Father's day first.

And no, the fall was in no way related to all those beers...just for the record. ;)


  1. Dear me, this post is unbearably delicious. Your DH is a lucky man and you are a dream wife/mom. Will you adopt me? JK, but srsly will you help me learn how to make fluffy white bread like that??? What is your secret? if I could bake bread like that, I would feel complete inside! Just yummy to everything. Thanks for sharing your food art side with us! Hope all's well with the foot....

  2. oh my! in addition to an impressive baker, you are quite a food photographer. my mouth is totally watering over that rhubarb cobbler and those stout cupcakes. Manly cupcakes with stout, I like that!

  3. WOW What a collection of shot after shot delicious goodness!! Those beers are hilarious too.. =) Hope the foto is not too serious!

  4. (lol the FOOT....hope the foot is not too serious.)

  5. i was about to call you and berate you for not taking better care of your birdlike bone structure, but had to eat my words. my words are not as delicious as anything you posted, but they wash down pretty good with this Stella Artois....

    DH, WTF???

  6. Thanks guys. :)

    @Mel, I will get you the recipe for the Gramma bread. It's very, very easy.

    The foot isn't great. It is broken. Poor guy. It'll mean some changes of summer plans. So it goes.


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