Friday, September 11, 2009

What Number are You Today?

Day 2 at school for the boys. Everyone is holding at around 3 on the scale. So not so bad, really.


  1. Hooray for 3's instead of other more stressful numbers. Hope you're all keeping your heads attached with back to school madness. We're running around like chickens without heads, but managing to laugh and hug enough to get by!

  2. omg i am so making one of those for me :) and my 3 year old nephew. my sister in law is afraid he's sad or depressed about the new baby. poor little man... we've been loving him up, so hopefully that will sustain him through the nasty transition of siblinghood. that's one thing I guess you never had to deal with E! they ALWAYS have had a sibling!
    and I agree with Mel - hooray for 3's!

  3. According to our occupational therapist, that means you need "soothing strategies". Which amounts to quiet and solitude and anything that makes you feel good. And I am all for that!

    We had a lot of 4's and 5's last night ourselves.


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