Wednesday, December 23, 2009


The picture was taken whizzing along the highway at 110km as we made our way to the DQ's surprise b-day party. 10 hours of driving there and back in 24 hours, but worth every minute. Everyone should get a moment in life to be the hero. On Saturday I had my moment. I was the DQ's hero. She didn't just hug me when she saw me, she bellowed my name with ear drum-shattering gusto, launched herself into my arms and tackled me to the ground! She was flabbergasted and overjoyed. (how often do you get to use both of those in a sentence? Nice.) And how good did it feel to be me in that moment?

Pretty damn good. Pretty damn good, indeed. :)

The DQ has a friend now, for the first time in her life. He is like 6'4" and thin as a rail, and she is about 4'9" and a little on the plump side. They look like a string bean and a pea side by side, but they have the most wonderful, simpatico energy. They both love dogs and food, and approach life with pure, undiluted enthusiasm. He was every bit as excited as she was, as she opened each of her gifts.

"Look, look the Disney Princess calendar comes with a DVD Rom! A DVD ROM!"

And then they would both lean over the gift, oohing, aahing and exclaiming "that's wonderful! how wonderful!", and grinning big gleaming grins that enveloped the whole room. For the DQ to have a friend and a peer (he has his own special needs too), is an answer to wishes and prayers. Won-der-full!

Since we've been home it has been a flurry of activity. Elizabeth arrived Monday morning, but it seems we've barely had a chance to many loose ends to tie up for the big day, BUT yesterday we made unbusy time for a nice dinner out, and an afternoon making gingerbread. It was supposed to be gingerbread house making time, but the boys had other ideas...

I'm always happy to break with tradition for something even better! The boys want me to publicly acknowledge that they did not make Princess Leia in the metal bikini, that was all me. ;) Tonight we had more unbusy time to go to a local Christmas light display.

And we are so close...2 more sleeps. I hope you are all well, and full of wholehearted enthusiasm for anything and everything good in your life. Watching the DQ and her buddy on Saturday, I kept thinking that if we could just bottle that unbridled joy, and unquestioning, uncomplicated pleasure in the satisfaction/excitement/comfort of this one particular moment that we are in right now as we live it, the world would be a far, far better place.

Merry Christmas!


  1. don't leave the big S alone with that Slave Girl Leia cookie for one minute.

  2. This post made me LAUGH.OUT.LOUD.



  3. Have a very nice Xmas! :) And a happy new year! xo

  4. LOL! love princess Leia in the metal bikini!!

  5. Love the gingerpeople! What a beautiful post. Merry Christmas to you and yours, E.
    Drive safe!

  6. What an uplifting story at this time of year. I've read back on my of your posts to figure out about the conditions of your boys and I think DQ as your sister. It's a tough world for anyone with a condition or illness that makes them different from the "mainstream" world. But what I'm finding, is that there are more people with medical conditions than we can imagine. So for you and your family, many wishes of peace and comfort that there are others who suffer in silence- and a breath of fresh air when you read about those who can talk about it. My daughter,22, has schizophrenia and it is a difficult daily challenge- but we love her and try to make her days as bright as we can. Happy holidays- and wish I could have one of those super looking cookies!!

  7. hahaha, omg that is the first time i have heard of any one getting an in real life actual honest to god glomp--dear DQ, YOU WROCK!! XD

    "full of wholehearted enthusiasm for anything and everything good in your life" so true, so very true.

    i am delighted that the dear DQ has a DF (dear friend) how lovely! and he sound like such a nice boy.

  8. Oh wow. Resounding Success!!!! What a fun b-day. And the buddies!!!! Funny that the li'l nfs didn't want to take responsibility for the semi-nudity. Hahaha. I just can't imaging driving through that. That alone is heroic. Congrats & happy merry! xox deb

  9. I can tell you're an artist just by looking at those gingerbread boys. I would never in a million years think to do what you did. WOW! I am impressed!!


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