Monday, January 25, 2010

Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi; you're my only hope...

The view from my window this morning:

It's not that it's so cold, or that there's so much snow (I mean, 6 foot snow banks and -40C aren't unusual around here), it's the wind making it miserable. It is a blustery day. The house is shaking. The snow is racing past my window. The sky is opaque white. Brrrr. I was wondering how I was going to even get my sons from the car to the school, they are such thin, little lightweights, I was picturing myself flying them in like kites (think Piglet on his blustery day!), but they are alas, under the weather this morning (not too sick, just sick enough to make being cozy at home on a day like today very appealing).

And I am glad to be at home today too, weather notwithstanding, I have a lot to be getting on with. There is a big event coming up in exactly 25 days! The second biggest holiday in our calendar year, only just after Christmas in energy expended and joyful sons' birthday! Every year, I try to do something really special. I figure, since they are twins and share a party, it has to be twice as cool! Also, since they are kids who tend to struggle socially, I don't think it hurts to have a Very Awesome Birthday Party...greases the wheels, so to speak.

We have done themes such as trains, pirates, Lego and Harry Potter (my favourite one, of course!) in the past. This year it is all about Star Wars. We have been talking, dreaming, eating, BREATHING Star Wars since a few days after Christmas. My sons had their notepads out planning their party before the last holiday guest was even gone...and their plans are big.

There is talk of an Imperial Star Destroyer cake.


I am happy to do it. It is always sooooo worth it, to see how happy and proud they are, and I love the way their plans all revolve around how to please and delight their friends...not a thought to what they, themselves will get out of it. But I'd be lying if I said this Star Destroyer cake wasn't giving me pause. Although I love getting jiggy with the icing sugar, I am far from a professional baker and we are limited ingredient-wise due to their severe allergies. I got my hand in this weekend when I made a Darth Maul cake for one of their buddies (eggless, so that E&L could share the cake at the party too).

But that was easy, just a face on a sheet cake (but of course, being me, I did still stress over it).

So I will need to summon all my Force power to get this party (and ginormous, elaborate cake!) off the ground...25 days and counting...


  1. I applaud you for baking the cake yourself. I have always wanted to for my kids, but chickened out at the last minute and ordered.

  2. YOUR CAKE IS AWESOME!!! I want you to be my mom in another life!!! so cool!!! xoxo cat

  3. Hello! Just blogspotting. Great blog! I bookmarked it.

    Happy blogging! :)

  4. Thank you so much! :)

    And welcome Halsey!

  5. Oh WOW! I Love that cake. Doesn't look easy to me. The kids must've been thrilled. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the boys. What a wonderful mom you are. Your boys sound amazing. How fun, helping to plan their own party. Hope it all goes smoothly.

  6. Wow it looks cold! And wow! That cake looks cool.

  7. you'll do awesome princess E, as always, not even the death star could stop the force of E when her puppies want the bestest b-day. you are so having a very tatooine winter!


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