Monday, January 11, 2010

January Journaling

What is it about January? Taking stock, making resolutions, a fresh start. Maybe the long, cold days force us to turn inwards, allowing for more reflection & quiet art journaling, which I have been at non-stop since Christmas.

I began a new book, as befits a new year (am still continuing work on the Big Art Journal as well). I picked up a 9" x 9" Aquabee super deluxe sketchbook. I was getting tired of having to be so vigilant in guarding against my pages sticking together, since my Layer Love course got me addicted to Golden's gloss glazing liquid (read art journals becoming a mass of wax paper partitions). So I figured I would mostly paint on just one side of each 2 page no stickies. Also wanted recourse when an AJ page becomes a favourite piece of artwork, with the coil binding, I can remove pages without wrecking the book.

A 2 page spread for New Year's Day, on which me & mine wrote our personal and family goals:

Starting to enjoy the "other" side as space to doodle, sketch and journal:

So there it is. The beginnings of a new year and a new art journal.


  1. Wow! Lots and Lots of pages. Awesome!

  2. These are beautiful.
    Love them.

  3. oh man, you've had a BUSY january!! I love them. The swirling colors and emotions. Sigh. Beautiful

  4. Beautiful colors. There's nothing like starting a new year and a new journal!

  5. wonderful pages! really great work!! doodling leads to brilliant discoveries!


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