Friday, February 5, 2010

Winter Blues


An exercise in underpainting & glazing from my colour class with Julie and Chris. Learning lots!

In other news the sky was blue for a few hours yesterday. It was wonderful! Today it is back to that opaque, greyish white, welcome-to-the-Canadian-prairie-winter sky. It really is rather beautiful in an austere sort of way...achingly monochromatic white on white on white. But man oh man, I need some warmth & sun & colour!

Unfortunately there are at least 2 months more winter left here. So for now I will have to settle for an extra sweater, some vitamin D, and painting vivid hues in my art journal.


  1. Same here. Can't stand this snow and cold anymore. I am not used to it. We have mild winters normally. I hate it being so full of snow, I feel trapped.
    Maybe this could be something for you:

  2. love your winter blue and love to use glaze so lovely!

  3. paint through it sister. it looks like you are doing some amazing work! classes are a great distraction in winter :) go you!

  4. I have taken to visiting a tanning booth once a week for 10 minutes. My joints get so cold and achy without warmth, that I really have too. I love how good my entire body feels for days after.

  5. Just love this blue canvas from your class with Julie and Chris!

  6. Thank you all! :) The sun was shining yesterday. We got heaps of snow, and it's still cold, but just having the sun out felt so good!

    @Lawendula I checked out the collage box project and it looks fantastic. It looks like I've missed the deadline though!? Having been incommunicado for a few days.

  7. Sorry, Evangeline, that went all so quickly and we were 30 and I had to keep that a bit smaller, because it would takes month then. But more project are to come. maybe you want to join the paper swap meanwhile.
    Anyway, stay tuned....*smile*

  8. Hello Evangeline! Thank you for visiting my blog, and for leaving a comment. I love your blue piece! I have been thinking about taking Julie and Chris' course - have taken Julie's Layer Love and Journaling courses...

  9. This is absolutely beautiful! OK. I'm really gonna take the layer love course. I'm going to go find it right now and sign up. I just love these glowy things you do!


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