Tuesday, June 15, 2010

#16 Yaller


#16 This one's from the sister journals. An exploration in colour.

I didn't used to like yellow much. It rated just beneath pink and orange on the scale of colours I did not like. But for a long time now it has snuck into nearly every single artwork I do, and I finally realized (because I am a little slow on the uptake) that if I am reaching for yellow in various incarnations, so very often, I don't dislike it...I love it. I love yellow!

I have never been a definitive "my favourite colour is..." kind of person (other than between the ages of about 7-10 when it was very resolutely "powder blue", and I had long day dreams about discovering I was from some obscure, but very rich, branch of the royal family, and subsequently getting to ride to school bareback on a white stallion, whilst dressed resplendently in powder blue satin and diamond slippers every day. Hey, a girl's gotta dream!). My favourite colour changes with my mood, and there are many colours that I am strongly drawn to. Yellow though, is a new flavour for me. I've never really felt much of a pull from it before, so this is pretty cool.

Who knows, maybe one day I'll even learn to like pink... (ack, pink, no, not pink!) ...not quite there yet though.


  1. I love yeller too...this is a very lovely image. I have many paintings that are yellow...it is a challenging color. I had to make a special yellow painting for the book cover for my new novel, it drove my Fred nuts waiting for me to make one that I was happy with (I made about a dozen or so), and then he tried to get fancy when he was designing the book in InDesign, and I had to tell him, "I just want a yellow book, I always envisioned it as yellow, because it's Sammy's favorite color." And so now I have a yellow book and I love it!

  2. yes yellow is an interesting colour one must be in the mood for. it is so strong and opinionated about it's identity that it can dominate, but it also plays well with others as evidenced by your recent painting. is that burnt umber playing with yellow there?

    and i adore your little gurl's dream. anything with a pony is always a good thing xD


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