Sunday, June 27, 2010

Almost Free

55 Things to do this summer:

(as written by my sons)

1. Go to see Grandma & Grampa

2. Go to the reptile farm

3. Go to the zoo

4. go to the museum & watch all the silent films

5. go see a movie

6. go to the planetarium

7. stay up late and look at stars

8. have a picnic

9. go to the science centre

10. learn to play catch (with ball & glove)

11. make a stop motion film

12. have friends over

13. have a backyard campout

14. go swimming

15. learn about gamemaker

16. go to the library

17. go to the beach

18. cook a gourmet meal

19. make a giant chalk mural

20. grow a vegetable

21. have a monster movie marathon

22. make lemonade from scratch

23. make our own comic books

24. have a water fight

26. go bowling

27. go fishing

28. go canoeing

29. do archery with Grampa

30. play video games all day

31. go to a restaurant

32. play a board game

33. climb a tree

34. lay in the sun

35. blow bubbles

36. play in the rain

37. roast marshmallows

38. see the Star Wars concert

39. go to a wedding

40. stay in a hotel

41. paint with spray paint

42. make a robot

43. read comic books all day

44. play poker for candy

45. try a new food

46. learn a magic trick

47. make homemade lollipops

48. make banana splits

49. visit an old graveyard

50. go to the sculpture garden

51. explore in nature

52. keep a journal or write a story

53. make a sandcastle

54. have a party

55. do what you want all day


  1. sweet, sweet, summer
    savor the long days
    watch for shooting stars
    on the black velvet night.

    you say you want a revolution (unbusy)
    we're all doing what we can

  2. A list to live by! I wanna do everything but the bowling. OK the perfect combo. Do what you want all day, then argent dini, followed by camping out, playing poker for candy by the light of the camp lantern, then lay back and look at stars. YES!! OH, and verbally recap all your favorite monster movies. Heaven. deb

  3. sweet love... what a perfect list.
    what a great thing to do, make it.
    thanks for sharing it with us. i love it. i hope you share the summer events with us!

  4. It would be fun to blog the list wouldn't it?!! We shall see though, last summer I fell off the computer-verse for a month or so, and this summer I have to share my computer with Stop Motion Pro and Gamemaker time!

    And Deb, that day sounds dee-lightful! I personally can't wait for banana splits and sandcastles! :)

  5. What totally awesome kids you have!!! They obviously take after their totally awesome parents :) That is such an inspiring list - I am going to make my own!!


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