Monday, July 5, 2010

#25 Sky and Space


#25 Done bit by bit in between activities with the boys. This was our first day on our summer schedule. And although "summer schedule" sounds like an oxymoron, it isn't for two boys who can only truly relax when they know what is coming next. So I am on the clock, but happily so. It's not such a bad thing when your schedule says stuff like "3:00 --go swimming" and "7:00 --play poker for candy with Dad"...those are the kinds of deadlines and appointments that I can totally get behind.


  1. will you cme here a do weekly schedule for me too please. i'm realizing i operate best as well with a written out schedule. come onnnnn. please?


    happy july!

  2. Another beautiful piece. I like the addition of the words "sky and space"

  3. "Play poker for candy with Daddy"??? Sure that's not on YOUR summer schedule, my dear? Lol.

  4. Beautiful piece, you achieved so much with simplicity, wonderful

  5. hmm. i think you need to stop developing so quickly as an artist. yep. too much development.

    you are the breast implant of the new artist realm.

  6. Thank you so much. :) I really do love the texture and colours in this one.

    @Krowe LOL (no really, I really did laugh out loud! Poker for candy from Daddy, in a whole new context!)

    @Craig A compliment I shall treasure. Breast implant. *snorfle* You guys are funny today!

    And a schedule for Keeley coming right up... ;)


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