Thursday, October 21, 2010

Falling Deep into Texture

Practicing more texture techniques for Texture Town. This time playing with colours. Isn't it tactile, salivary, delicious, delicious goodness? And almost as old and rough, dingy and banged up as I feel myself this week. Long week. Sick kids, sick husband, a million appointments, too much to do and everyone is exhausted, but the weekend is just around the corner...we're. almost. there. And there is always art, friends, projects, Lord of the Rings audio books, orange-leaved trees and azure skies, Super Scribblenauts (playing this with the boys. it's a clever, adorable game), pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, PG Wodehouse books and visits from the DQ. The day I can't find something to be glad about amidst the running around, worries and struggles is a pretty rare day. Everyday I get my Pollyanna on, and the fact that I can do that is something to be glad about in and of itself. As crazy as I am, if I can carry gratitude like a talisman in my angsty, selfish, fearful heart then I can do OK. I can keep my bearings and stay the course. I'm glad about that too.

Now off to clean things that will be dirty again as soon as the boys so much as look at them, and then the next mad dash of outings and obligations begins.

Tell me what you're glad about, if you'd like. I'd love to know.

1 comment:

  1. Wish I were taking the course along with you, it looks great but I've got to wait for better timing before I can do this workshop.
    Love the pages you've produced, they are wonderful in texture and colour choices.
    Hoping life turns around for, felling battered by life is no fun. Take care


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