Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Book of Joys

Ages ago, Suzi Blu made a video where she sanded and gessoed a child's board book and made it into a book of her own. I thought this was a brilliant idea. So much scope for the imagination!

As most of my readership of approximately 4 knows, both of my sons were diagnosed last year with general anxiety disorder, along with Aspergers and ADHD. Life is tough for them sometimes, and fears and stresses loom large every day. I thought that maybe we could use Suzi's board book idea to make each of them a "Book of Joy", so that when things feel dark and overwhelming, they might be able to leaf through a tangible reminder of all the good and happiness in their lives.

Sample pages (the croc one is L's and the turtle one is E's):

The books have yet to be finished, but are a source of pride, and of course joy to each of them. When we initially started the books of joy, the boys posted about them on their blog (getting some kind feedback from Ms. Suzi Blu herself!)and I discussed them with my gerds (girl nerds!)online. E & L were absolutely thrilled to learn that they had inspired Mom's friend Keeley (a really real life artist!) to make her own book of joys. Keeley has recently finished her breathtakingly lovely book and made a youtube vid of it:

Words cannot describe the awe with which my two little guys watched the video, and their excitement at being mentioned. I think it may have even inspired them to finally get on with finishing their own books (they take after their mom, strong start...wobbly finish). This process of working on and especially sharing their books has certainly brought them a lot of joy, and me too. The deepest joy is at having a renewed and hopeful sense of the world...knowing that it contains creative, caring, open people like Keeley makes even the most anxious days a little more beautiful.


  1. you know, i'm not parenty by nature, but seeing my nephew blossom as he discovers the joy of performance via enforced musical theatre brings me such unbridled happiness. it's the closest i'll ever come to identifying with your experiences that dollop so much on your pallette, but i'm ok with that.

  2. Nephews are brilliant, you get all the joy of seeing them grow and helping to foster their individuality/creativity along the way...but then you return them to their parents and go back to your clean, quiet, kid-free house.

  3. i never did leave a comment here officially thanking YOU for this, so THANKS E!

    the book of joys is the best idea yet. i have new one on my list of things to do :)



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