Friday, February 27, 2009

Resolution Update

The end of February. Already.

Yeesh, me and time are just not getting on lately! It is flying by too quickly and none of my threats or entreaties have gotten it to slow down.

(art journal page done with watercolour crayons, pen, graphite)

So how 'bout those New Years resolutions now that we're a couple of months into it? I had 7 "wants" for this year. Some are coming easy, and some are going to take a lot of work.

Creating...easy, peasy. This is where I am most driven and inspired right now. It would be painful to stop creating.

Spending more time engaged with my sons...also not so hard. Planning and throwing their 9th b-day party, spending more time just talking, working on communicating better as a family and choosing some special activities to do one on one with each of them has been fun (well, except for the communicating better one, that's more like work...but good work).

Remembering my inner Varga's a wonder what some new makeup and just putting on a pair of earrings can do for a girl's attitude about herself. Also, apparently Varga girls get more that's a nice fringe benefit as well. ;)

Cultivating good health...hmmm, this is where I start to get wobbly, and also please pass the cake. I've been in some bad habits for a long time now, this one is going to take some time and more effort.

Waking up this one could have some pretty broad definitions, purposefully so. I need to be more in the now, more connected and more open. Challenging at times for someone who fights with time and myself as much as I do, but I am working on it.

Spending more time, it's cold. -30C today. I give myself a get out of jail free card for this one until Spring...which around here, should be sometime in June. *sigh*

And my big giant pile of fail..."I want to be more organized." Groan. I am one late deadline/missed appointment away from asking my doc for Ritalin. Can't concentrate, can't stay focused, can't remember anything. Make a to do list, and then lose the to do list...this is where I am at. Oh well, I have armed myself with Sharpies and post it notes, and I will do better. I used to be very organized when the boys were little. I had to be really on top of things, or everything just unraveled. It was a relief to not have to be so tightly wound about every little thing as the boys got older, but somewhere along the way things have gotten too sloppy, and all of the undone things nag at me, late at night, when I have insomnia, and PMS...

But all in all, not such a bad start.

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