Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Inspirations and Influences 2

More good art stuff.

You find one blog with someone's work you absolutely love, which links to more blogs you like and so on and so on. One could get lost for days! And then occasionally you find another person's work that makes you stop short with wonder and appreciation...better yet if that person is generous with sharing tips and techniques, like Julie Prichard at The Land of Lost Luggage. Her work has all of these wonderful layers, and colours with an aged feel, which gives her pieces a beautiful sense of history. And it looks like she'll be giving online classes in May?! How cool is that?

Next the fantastic video by atree3 which has given me my new mantra, "Shut up and paint!"

I like all her videos, and she does mind-bogglingly beautiful quilt work.

And an artist that needs no introduction, whom I have long admired, but am revisiting recently with fresh eyes and amazement...Dave McKean.

I mean what can I even say? One of the most astounding visual imaginations ever. Haunting. Inspiring.

Love to all my peeps, old, new and yet to be made, who are taking the time to read my blog and/or comment. You really make my day. :)

I will now, shut up and paint.


  1. peeps... yet to be made? Do you know something I don't???
    Thank you for the post.. having an incredibly frustrating morning and to take a moment to submerge into beautiful art, even for just a moment, makes my head hurt less!

  2. Yeah, a little art does the soul good, don't it?

    And by peeps I mean friends, not the disgusting marshmallow-y candy in the shape of chicks...in case I was causing confusion?

  3. No i knew what you meant by peeps, I was wondering if you were referring to unborn children though by the "yet to be made"... speaking of which Maddie had her first yesterday!

  4. Um, no. Colour me confused. Just referring to people, visiting my blog, who I am not friends with yet, but would like to get to know in future.

    Perhaps you have babies on the brain today? Congrats to Maddie! :)

  5. wow. Another rabbit hole, another afternoon vanished! I fell especially hard down the lostluggage hole. The colors mesmerize me. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I know, eh?! re: the Lost Luggage. I lost a morning to it the other day! Really incredible stuff.

  7. wonderful washes of dark color in that tree..haunting yes...


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