Monday, April 13, 2009

Heathen Pleasures

There are few times that being a non church goer is more satisfying than on Easter Sunday. Did we have to get dressed up in uncomfortable clothes, sit through long sermons and then fight the crowds at brunch? No way. It was pyjamas and chocolate bunnies and quiet at home for us.

What a fantastic day! After a painfully early wake up call from the little dudes, and the ensuing gleeful rush of finding eggs and following the clues to the loot (we don't do a plain old egg hunt, the Easter B. leaves us tricky clues inside plastic eggs, which have to be deciphered to find the treats ...think Easter meets Sherlock Holmes meets piratical treasure hunt!), the real fun began. We played. We lounged. We read Harry Potter. I did some art, they shot up some droids (Star Wars Battlefront, their fav!). And the DH and I cooked the best damn turkey dinner you ever did see! And it all seemed so effortless, we just puttered away at it slowly...a potato peeled here, a basting there and before we knew it a sumptuous feast had taken form (why can it never be that easy when there are guests?!).

The crowning glory, a Strawberry Cake:

Fresh strawberries, cream and marscapone sandwiched between layers of buttermilk vanilla cake, topped with a strawberry buttercream (my nod to the fact that I don't in fact want to end up weighing 300lbs was the fact that I didn't cover the entire cake with buttercream as in years past, but just the top. See healthy!)

So please do drop by today. Somebody has to help us eat all this leftover cake!

I'm putting the kettle on for you right now. :)


  1. OMG That CAKE!!!

  2. i'm on my way! as if. how great would that be?!
    another one for the great mom/parents list IMO. I love that you make it so much fun for them - i would have loved that as a kid! ok, the running screaming frezy for eggs the dog hadn't managed to scoff in the night was fun, but a scavenger hunt?! you had a mensa bunny drop by your house! So cool. Really. And bravo on the church thing. I hate to say it, but when everyone is trekking off for midnight mass christmas eve and i get to stay at home or be at someone elses place, i feel lucky to not have to doll myself up and brave a brisk night of no parking and packed hardwood pews. I get why they do it, i just love that a) i don't feel complelled to conform, and b) i get to stay home!

    great post, as per usual sista'
    And the cake. Let's not forget the cake.

  3. hey! and look at my little blog up there in the sidebar with all the bigblogs! somehow, that just tickled me pink. hey, i'm esily amused ok?!

    ♥ k

  4. We had a lovely heathen holiday as well! We did agree to meet friends for brunch, and wished to stay in our pajamies, but oh my the food! It was amazing. However, there was nothing there as amazing as your cake - I think a recipe posting may have to follow. I bet it tasted better than it looked!

  5. holy crap that cake looks amazing!!! and no church for my family either, just a lot of eating and sleeping :)

  6. I'm on my way with a bottle of Malbec...What? the cake's all gone? Oh well, we'll have to console ourselves with chocolate chips raided from the cupboard and whipped cream from a can.

  7. Thanks everybody! :) The cake was goooOOOoood. And the DH and the little NFs were such cake eating champs that it got eaten up nice and quick (which means no cake calling my name seductively at 11:00 pm...because it does that you know, talks to me dirty in an Alan Rickman voice, until I just can't resist!!!)

  8. omg that cake looks amazing. I am 'stalking' your blogs all higgley piggley but was lured by the pic of said cake lol

  9. Not sure why your blog thought I need to see that cake, but I sit here with my mouth watering. i'm convinced I can smell the strawberries and the wonderful sweetness (perfectly balanced of course) of that buttercream frostng. Such a cool, refreshing, taste of spring -- right here, right now. Thank you!

  10. Thanks FoM! :)

    That cake has become an Easter tradition, and does indeed taste like Spring. And on this frigid, grey morning I really needed a reminder that it IS coming...warmth & sunshine are returning! So thank you for directing me here.
    *burrows deeper into blanket and clutches cup o' tea*

  11. What a tease! This cake looks like HEAVEN to me, it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!


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