Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What a Mom Wants

Yeah, yeah, yeah, my children to be healthy and happy, world peace and all that etc. etc....but here's what I really want for Mother's Day, just in case anyone is wondering...

*cough, cough*this is for you honey, pay attention*cough, ahem*

1. Breakfast in bed.
I love breakfast in bed. What could be better than toast and tea on a tray, brought to you by little pride-shining faces? Although not too early please...

2. A walk.
Can we just go on a long walk together? Somewhere with trees. And the rules are that we don't have to go home if someone, say, sees a bug or gets a rock in their shoe, and there is no complaining if it is hot, cold, windy, bumpy, too bright, the sky is too blue, this tree just said something mean to me etc. I understand that you three guys prefer to admire nature from behind a glass partition, where there are no bees and dirt, but sometimes I really miss the outdoors.

3. A nice dinner.
And I don't mind cooking it, because I know I'll have lots of help, I always do...but the real gift would be not having anyone complain about anything unfamiliar, squidgey, or one food touching another. It would also be nice not to have to say things like, "please don't wipe your hands on your shirt", "no straws in noses" or "let go of your brother's [insert body part or untensil here]" at the table...just once.

4. I get to pick the movie.
There are only so many times that a woman can watch Indiana Jones and Star Wars in a row.

5. Presents.
I have an Amazon list and Etsy favourites. I really do like all the stuff I put on there. Choosing from the list does not mean that you're being unoriginal or boring, it means that you're spending your money on what I really, really want. Highlights would be: a piece by one of my favourite artists. Such as from Julie Prichard, Seth Apter or Gary Reef. Books! Like this or this or even this one. Art supplies, such as a table top easel or some stamp carving supplies or a fancy Golden paint or medium that I don't have yet would be great. You can't go wrong with art supplies. They are expensive, they're special, you simply can't have too many (believe it or not!?) and I will use them.

6. The best presents.
It sounds a little soppy, but the very best presents are always the ones that don't cost any money. Knowing that you or the boys have used your own time and creativity to make me something, makes it a treasure. There are reasons why I still have that pen made into a flower by L and that Lego MOM that E built for me...I love them.

That's about it really.

Now here's the part where I am supposed to say that being a wife and mum, is present enough in itself, don't put yourself out, don't spend too much money etc. And I will say some of it...the money thing, definitely. Times being what they are. And I do love being a mom...but really, knock yourself out babe. This year, perhaps more than ever, I wouldn't mind being spoiled a bit (well except for that year when the boys were about 2, and all I wanted for Mother's day was a nap. Remember those days?) It's been a tough year in spots, mothering-wise. A lot more conflict, a lot less appreciation (by the little guys, not you -xox), coming to grips with the Aspergers and trying to learn how to parent differently, trying to learn how to still have fun as they become less malleable, and more stressed out by the demands of school. I know you've felt it too, and you support me always (Father's day is coming...). But I am the one who goes head to head with them, in the trenches at home and at school figuring out how to help them best...when most of the time, they don't even want to be helped. And I get blamed for pretty well everything (what is it with boys and their mothers?). I reckon this is just the begiinning of this too...wait until puberty hits.

So you asked what I wanted, and there you have it.

Spoil me a little. I think I need it right now.


  1. I have a Time Traveler's Wife. Another one in the increasing pile of books which I started but never finished...

    I'd be happy to pass it on to you, so you can get one of the others.

  2. Yeah, yeah! Gimme, gimme!

    Of course considering how ridiculous postage has gotten, will it be worth it to send?

  3. Be sure to put on your long underwear for the trip to the post office, it's a mite chilly out there still. ;)


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