Saturday, May 2, 2009

30 Day Art Challenge: Day 5

Today I realized that I am serious about art. Not the sickeningly pretentious accumulation of knowledge to out-snob the other artsy people serious, or the single minded, manic, obsessive, "get out of my way, so I can do my aht!" thing...but the type of serious where I suddenly realize how important art is to me, how meaningful it is becoming in my life, and how protective I have grown of myself as an "artist". (yipes still getting used to that word! It comes with so many layers of affectation and exclusivity. I don't love it.) I have grown protective of my every creative effort, and even of artists in general (it takes a lot of chops to put yourself out there time and time again! People don't realize how much guts and hard work it takes, and they can be so quick to criticize!).

I was talking to a well-meaning person who was being jokingly negative about my artwork. No offense intended, just blundering humour that went a little too far, but the underlying attitude was a familiar one. You're not a real artist like _____ (fill in the blank with any number of "real artist" names), therefore your art has little or no value. Again, not what this very kind person intended, but a pervasive attitude about art in our society. If you aren't a direct descendant of Picasso, and/or have a Master's degree in fine arts what the hell business do you have picking up a paint brush? And more particularly, how can you have the audacity to actually like what you are doing or to be proud of the "art" you produce?

It's silly. It's so silly. Something that should be viewed as bread and butter simplicity and commonality, as everyone's territory, everyone's potential, everyone's right to make art, is instead, only for the elite and spectacularly talented few...otherwise you are just kind of making an ass of yourself. It's like saying that unless you can cook like Ferran Adria, you have no right to be in the kitchen.

What are the rest of us supposed to do? Starve?

And I realized that I am not having any of that nonsense around me. I put the kibosh on that joke quicker than you could say "Whistler's Mother". I am just not going to accept any negativity or non constructive criticism when it comes to my creativity (and really how much criticism is actually constructive?!). I am making art out of the best that's in me. I am new to it. I don't know much. But I have just as much right to make art as the most seasoned artistes, trained in the finest schools. And my artwork has value, and so does yours.

Today's artwork:

8"x11" art journal page, done with acrylics

PS For those of you who have asked about a copy of my story, thank you so much. :) I wish I had author copies to give out to all my friends and family, but alas, with self publishing you pay for everything yourself. So I am figuring out how to make copies available at cost to anyone who wants them, and will post about it here soon.


  1. Good for you!!! Negativity has no place in my life either. As for your art....I love it! This journal page is beautiful!

  2. hmmmm. this makes me think of a chrysallis. a safe and warm place while strength is gained to stretch those beautiful wings.

  3. I can barely keep up with the Daily Posts! So great! And I hear ya: people who have never explored the 'artist side' of themselves (mildly gagging) don't understand that it's a need. I personally feel we all have talent. It just needs to be nurtured. Paint on, friend.

  4. Thanks, and agreed. No place for negativity and we all have talent. And even if we don't, we still get to paint or write or sing if we wanna!

    And FoM, I love the chrysalis idea! Love it!


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