Wednesday, May 13, 2009

No Art Today

I have been doing art, just ready to post about something different for a change (I know, shocking!). I am feeling worn out this afternoon. A busy few days, and a lot of social...good social, but social all the same, and I'm tired. Then this morning we had our first appointment with a new psychiatrist, the next step in the ongoing process of accessing as many services as our Aspie-filled family needs, and it was positive, but exhausting.

I am ready to retreat a bit. To the land of quiet computer...beautiful, beautiful concise black lines of silent text. Time to ponder each response. A little red X to click, which makes a tab disappear if its information is extraneous or unwanted. A mute button.



Maybe when I'm done with the computer, I'll paint or read a book.
O the introverted pleasures that await, like balm to my raw, overexposed and disappointed soul!

Disappointed because we just found out that my son's funding application for school was denied...again. Which means no EA (educational assistant). The bottom line is that he's too well behaved. Even though he desperately needs the help to cope with all the sensory and social overload and is slowly falling behind academically, because he is generally polite and teachable (with a Herculean effort on the part of the teacher!), he just doesn't qualify. I am more than a little bummed.

If only we hadn't of taught him that it's not OK to punch other kids...


  1. Hope everything works out ok with your son. I will pray for you :)

  2. i wonder if you can use a child advocate to get the assistant. my friend Dena has a son with Aspergers and she worked very hard to get his n eeds met, and finally ended up becoming a part time advocate for kids with special needs in the class. i hope it works out.

  3. Thanks so much setyourselfonfire. I always appreciate all the prayers I can get. :)

    And thanks Maggie May. We do have an advocate, and I myself have been working very closely with the school with great success in getting their (both sons are AS)needs met in the classroom...EXCEPT for securing him an aide (the one son that needs it). It is maddening. The decision comes from some nameless person at the school board, who insists that he doesn't meet the criteria. He is basically "straddling the chasm" with his needs, so high in some and so low in others that he is not perceived as needing as much help as he actually does. I am hearing that this often happens with high functioning Aspergers kids. They are so smart, that it is a fight to get them help and services. But luckily we do have an advocate and have gotten him many other supports and accommodations, we will just have to keep plugging away.


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