Friday, May 15, 2009

30 Day Art Challenge: Day 14&15

As of yesterday I am officially halfway through my challenge. Making the art, has for the most part been easy and enjoyable. I have been rather schizophrenic about it style-wise, skipping about to whichever palette, medium and style caught my fancy on each particular day, with no real direction or cohesiveness. For the last part of my challenge, I'd like to be a bit more focused. For the last few days I have been and for the next few days I will be focusing on that burnt out prairie landscape that is caught in my imagination from our drive to Saskatchewan. Amazing the way certain words or images get lodged, haunting and teasing you even in your brain is full of flat lands, cloud shadows and spindly trees, everything waiting, lying fallow, expectant...

Day 14:

Day 15:

(both mixed media in my big art journal)

And a word about Mother's Day, the DH felt it was imperative that I make a public declaration about the absolute love and fab-U-losity with which my Mum's day was burgeoning. Since I had made a public plea for a little extra TLC on here, it's only fair that he gets full cred for rising to the occasion with true DH style! There were shining morning faces, tea and toasties served, presents galore and even one very special present that made me all verklempt. I got to share the day with my mom, and it was absolutely lovely. Not only did we not have to lift a finger, got time to do our own thing and had a delicious dinner prepared for us, but my 2 little dudes had been so well coached in the art of "special mother's day kindness to your mum" that it was almost comically sweet to see them taking extra care on my and Gramma's behalf.
Thank you honey. XXX OOO

Now what the heck am I going to do on Father's Day to reciprocate???


  1. These are my favourite ones to date! You have out-done yourself. Especially fond of Day 14.

    And glad to hear mom's day was so special. You deserve it.

  2. 14 is just great! I, too, have been all oveer the place with this challenge but I'm having fun trying new things.

    your Mother's Day sounds like it was very special. One that you'll remember for years to come.

  3. Thanks K. I like it too. :)

    And thanks Janet. It was an awesome Mother's Day!

  4. there's something very birthy about that first one.

  5. "Birthy", yeah cool, definitely. :)


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