Monday, July 27, 2009

Summertime and the Living's Easy

Currently bringing me joy:

-iced green tea
-high piled clouds
-vibrant children- laughing, playing, jumping, talking, getting lost in their dream worlds constructed of lego and markers and funny words, begging for slurpees, teeth chattering after a swim
-2 yellow pansies in a clay pot
-pthalo blue stains on my fingers
-time to think, time to dream
-a nap on clean, white sheets in a sun-flooded room
-nighttime, snuggled on the couch, Battlestar Galactica, his scratchy beard on my bare shoulder -he says "How do you like them apples?" every night at the most suspenseful part, and for some reason, every night it's funny.
-summer rain
-Friday nights the boys choose the menu, and help to cook it. Liam presiding over a sizzling pan of calamari, with all the grave attention of a general watching his troops go into battle. Elliot stirring, chopping, chatting, so lively, so proud.
-holidays coming -a week full of promise, family, sunshine, open country and a long straight road, Harry & the Potters and oatmeal cookies, as we hurtle along through time and space, distance melting in a blur of green fields and huge Prairie sky.
-2 blond boys drawing as I read, asking for diagrams, asking for clarification, turning sharply in unison, grey-blue eyes round, as Gandalf faces the Witch King at the gate of Minas Tirith. I can see their imaginations spark, and turn.
-quiet house
-new art



  1. poetry.
    the sound of satisfaction and contentment.
    thank you.

  2. Thanks FoM. :) Yes, great contentment...or as much as an anxious, angsty person like me can hope to attain. Summer=good.

  3. my husband says 'howd ya like them apples' all the time. to distraction sometimes!


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