Monday, August 31, 2009

The Waning of Summer and a New Chapter Opens

Two months and a bit to catch our breath, to do our own thing, to sleep a little later, play a little harder and rest more. Two months and a bit to see my sons as they are, without the crushing stress, the constant assault, the knee jerk defensive offense that comes with school. The change has been beautiful. I see them opening up, curious, creative, teachable...happy. A good reminder of how it can be for them. A good reason to get ready to fight the good fight, and see what the school can do to ease their time there this year.

Grade 4. Sheesh. Just yesterday they were toddlers tearing our house apart, and now they are "pre teens". This summer alone, their feet grew half a size, and one got his first pimple. They hate "girl stuff" and close their eyes during kissing scenes in movies. They think pretty well everything I do or say is soooooooooooooooo embarrassing. They love movies with explosions and video games with weapons. (explaining to Gramma that they no longer like Webkinz, because you see, there are like no weapons or battles in it. Well, except for one gun, but apparently you can't shoot anyone with it, so it doesn't count.)

It's hard to wrap my head around two 6 foot teenagers lolloping about the house in a few more years. Are we ready? We are sailing for that unknown part of the map, beyond which there be dragons. Everything is already more intense because of the Aspergers, and the passionate nature of who we each are (bound inextricably with the aspieness I am sure). There will surely be rough waters ahead...

For now, the start of the school year will be turbulent enough to be getting on with. This year I am determined. We either get this school thing figured out to where it isn't a misery for them, or we homeschool. I got a taste of the old joy, seeing my sons relaxed and cheerful again this summer, and we have to provide a better environment for them during the other 10 months of the year too. Have too. For the first time this year we have all the extra help on board, autism specialists, occupational therapists and social workers to come into the school and help us advocate for them. Fingers crossed for all of us.

In the meantime, 1 more week of summer vacation...breathing deeply.

A Mordor Orc in oil pastel by Liam
(yes, we finished LotR! All 1031 pages in our copy. They loved it! I loved them loving it! In every reading, the book belongs to a different character for me. This reading was all about Sam. Sam! Seeing his character unfold in my sons' eyes, as they laughed at his jokes and trudged through Mordor alongside him, giving Frodo their last sips of water and never giving up hope...awesome. Exactly everything a story ought to be and do and inspire.)


  1. the orc is awesome (can an orc be awesome lol) i'm glad you all had such a good summer, and so sorry to hear that there should be any dread of the school year. I hope the 'dragons' you fear are more like the chinese dragons, guardians and guides! thanks for sharing :)

  2. that orc blows me away! way to pass on the talents, there, evang'!
    i'm glad the recharge is on. keep chin up and best to the lads. here we go...

  3. Well that Orc kinda creeps the hell out of me--not gonna lie--but then again, it's an orc, so I guess that's the point. In which case, it's a really accurate creation. Bravo!

  4. wow that guy is scary!

    i cannot- cannot= believe my Dakota is in ninth grade.

    um what?

  5. here's to having the forces behind you with regard to the start of the 4th grade! Growing so fast. My 3 year old nephew called me dude yesterday, and that threw me, so i can only imagine what seeing the 4th grade is like for you. and finishing that book together is amazing; my mom and i read many a book together and those are some of my fave. memories.

    nice seeing you around!


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