Friday, September 18, 2009

Jumpin' Journal Jacks

I haven't been making much time for art in recent weeks, but I have been messing around in my good ol' art journals a bit. The results have been pretty uniformly underwhelming -but I haven't cared. It feels so good to do.
The last week or so's:

Nothing can beat the freedom of an art journal for me, as a place to play and experiment and work it all out. There is no pressure, no expectations, and when you are done, you close it up and put it away.

So it is fortuitous that Julie's new class is just starting now, when I am really particularly feeling the art journaling. Art Journaling Super Nova , which promises to teach a plethora of techniques, and I'm sure will be every bit as fun and inspiring as Layer Love was (Layer Love was awesome!). So despite the fact that I have been so frakking busy and stressed out lately, I just signed up. I am going to journal my little heart out.

Expect lots of angst ridden and/or maudlin pages...cause that's how I September, when I'm the one who holds the last string that keeps it all from unravelling...

In other news, I got called a "highly functional mother" yesterday. Hee hee.

Add to list of skillz: good at faking out mental health professionals, and has healthy appreciation for irony

*laughs maniacally and runs around in crazy circles*

PS Sorry about the title. I was in the mood for alliteration. ;)


  1. I'm taking Julie's class, too. I'm fairly new to art journaling but I love it and I'm sure I'll learn lots of fun new things with her.

  2. art journals are so amazing as outlets. i need to get at mine more and share with you - share and share alike I say :)

    keep holding it together, enjoying the moments of goodness and joy, and let the rest go in your journal if it helps. cheers to new classes and new skillz...


  3. Thanks Maggie, that's my fav of these too. :)

  4. Oh, Evangeline! I just love the last one. It looks like silence -- and it's deep and haunting and makes me think of the grace of a beautiful girl that isn't burdened with the knowledge of her own beauty or the opinions of others.

  5. FoM, I just love the way you look at my art! Thank you. :)


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