Monday, September 21, 2009

Fait Accompli

Pretty well everything I do as a mom is temporary in nature. The batch of cookies disappears faster than the time it took to bake them. Yesterday's glistening kitchen floor is now splattered with grape juice, and scattered with crumbs (and by crumbs I mean entire chunks of bread crust, gnawed on ends of sausage, spinach leaves and Cheerios!). Clothes are dirtied and back in the hamper, often before I even get them folded and in the drawer. I am a hampster on a wheel. There is no end point that my expended effort propels me towards. Round and round, done and undone, and needs to be done again.

So when I do actually have tangible proof of a job finished clutched in my hot, little hands, it is a heady moment. Look, look! An accomplishment!

My quotation journal, that I have been puttering away at since March, is complete. Look at all those pages, all mine, my preciousssss. Pages that no one is going to use up, mess up or otherwise undo.

What a great feeling it is to polish off an art journal! Put a gold star on it, it is done! This one was about exploring my favourite quotations (a lot of Walt Whitman, no surprise there!). My vision for it was of a cohesive book in which one page flowed beautifully into the next...but what was actually born is a raggedy book,

Of many colours,


And advice to myself.

Most pages are very simple.

Sometimes I practised new techniques,


(glazes and transparency)

Or just used up the paint on my palette, with surprising results.

Nothing was planned, everything spontaneous.

Occasionally something emerged that I was really proud of,

Or that sparked my imagination for other artworks,

But mostly it was just play, and appreciation of words that feed my soul.

Despite the fact that it is not the book I planned, and very, very imperfect...or maybe because of the fact that it is not the book I planned, and very, very imperfect, when I hold it in my hands, it fills me with:

Next blank journal is on my art table and ready to roll...
(and still working away happily on my BIG art journal too)


  1. E, so much to see and appreciate and ponder in your journal. I've been collecting quotes for years and never would think to put them in something so amazing. Thanks for sharing the beautiful colors and textures and words.
    I've got to go read some Walt now!

  2. Thank you Bridgette!

    And thank you Mel! Walt is my soul food. I used to clutch a volume of his poetry, like a rosary when I was troubled. Somehow it would help just to carry it around with me. Is that weird? (obviously, I don't really care if it is ;)

  3. And i think I meant talisman, not rosary. :)

  4. I would love to hold that art journal of yours, feel the weight in my hand, and flip the pages, and smell the paint, and see the texture and layers. It is a wonderous thing you have done and I thank you for sharing it with me.

  5. Man, all of those pages are so awesome. I am supremely jealous. ;)

  6. Beautiful Journal- heartfelt, soulful and very rich in feeling, color, pattern and words.

  7. Wow, I'm impressed. This is just fabulous, really lovely and fun and for sure a huge accomplishment. Love it. Good for you. Congrats.

  8. that is amazing, thank you so much for sharing!!!! so pretty and such a great accomplishment!!!!!! go team E!


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