Friday, October 2, 2009

Seeing the Forest & the Trees

Been working on my first major art collaboration (details yet to be revealed).

These are all 12cm x 12cm squares, and the theme is, obviously, arboreal in nature. Chosen to symbolize, strength, family, shelter, endurance, growth...all the wonderful things that trees can be and are associated with. I need to contribute 4 of these squares, and figure I will keep working away until I have 4 I am really, really happy with. 2 of the above have definitely made the cut. The others remain as "maybe" (can you guess which ones are the two?) I am so excited to see what my illustrious and oh, so creative partners will come up with, and all will be revealed at the end of October. (ooooo, suspense!!)


  1. oooooOOOOHHHHH, E!! I love all of these. if I were to hazard a guess, I would say that 2 & 4 made the cut. But ooooh I am salivating over Number 1 and already have a mental image of how nice 4 of these would look stretched over a frame above my couch! *Gush, gush gush!* And the 'Under Your branches I feel safe?' oh god, I am a gooey, soppy, sappy mess. Love! Love! Love! I can really see your artistic progress since you started. Seems to me that you are gaining confidence and taking more risks! Yawp!

  2. Ooh, I guess 3 and 5--only cuz those are my favorites. They are all GORGEOUS. As always.

    Love it, as always ;)

  3. ooooh - oh, someone already said that - eeeeeeeee! :) Love them all! The middle two are my faves - 3 and 4, and especially 3 - "under your branches I feel safe" - so wonderful. *sniff*

  4. Thank you so much K! I can feel things starting to come along artistically speaking. And a YAWP! Who doesn't need a good barbaric YAWP from the rooftop??? I could use one this morning.

    And thanks so much Dawn and NG. My two favs are 1 and 4, but I love that you guys liked different ones too. It's very encouraging! :)

  5. I love these! The middle three are my favorites, though they are all very interesting and original and lovely. Cant wait to see who makes the cut.

  6. Hi Evengeline! I'm sure you know by now I can't just tell you which I like, I have to tell you why....
    Work of Art 2 -- this one looks commercially viable (is that insulting? it's not meant to be insulting); i can imagine seeing several variations on this them as part of a series.

    Work of Art 4 -- this reminds me of some thing you've done before and I love the curio/shadow box effect of the partitions and I wanna hug that tree that just refuses to stay in it's own box and stretches it roots down, down, just as deeply as they care to go. And then the box to the left strikes me as empty and full of potential.

    Work of Art 5 -- Fills me with the hope of spring and makes me think of the refresh and renewal of a good spring wind storm. I wanna just sit and look at this one for a long time.

    Where's your collaborator's work? Can wait to see how this comes together!

  7. Thanks guys. :)

    I can't tell anything else about the TOP SECRET collaboration for a few more weeks, but then there'll be a big reveal.

    And commercially viable is NOT insulting. We could use a little more commercially viable around here. ;)

  8. "this them" ... what a difference an "e" can make.

    s/b "this theme"

  9. These are all great and I love the theme. The first image may be my favorite. Clever idea -- words do grow on trees!!


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