Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I am

rusty screws found in the gutter

(by two sons filling their bike tires with air)

and plaster on canvas,

just begging for collage and paint and ink and crayon

What will I become?


  1. Ooooooh! I can't wait to see what you do with this!!!

  2. So, that's how artists think!

    I must be more of a collector, marveling at found things, their beauty, how they came to me; putting them on a shelf to remind me of the smell of the air on the day they were found, how they looked in the rain,and the color of the clouds; or leaving them in place so I can imagine the joyful spirit of the children that find them in the gutter as they fill their bicycle tires with air and are interested enough to pick them up and take them home. And whether their mother would be angry with them for touching dirty things they'd found in a gutter. Or perhaps the children would present them to Mother, knowing her as creator and artist.

  3. Me too, Mel! I am one of those types that usually enjoys the planning and the anticipation at least as much as the event itself, so this is one of my favourite parts of the process, when it's just an idea full of promise. This is the part containing all the hope...the execution, therein lies the struggle!

    FoM, definitely presented to Mom. They are excited about contributing to art that I do. I often embed their discarded drawings and writings in my collage layers, and use objects they find. Of course there is a downside to this...like when E came home this very lunch hour with pockets full of broken beer bottle shards. "Look mom, some cool brown glass for your art!" Eep! No cuts though. Thank goodness.

    So the ideas are forming around the two rusted screws, and my two boys...hmmmm...

  4. lol, I immediately thought of the boys when i saw the pair of screws. Are you trying to find a way to put broken glass in there too? Yikes, the things they bring us...
    Thanks for stopping by my page, me and my books! I've been meaning to read all day, but here I sit, reading online instead.... btw, my chair is a pale blue green, didn't photo well.
    Good luck with the art. I'm planning some art days to get me through this cold winter, I'm thinking about watercolor. You've inspired me.
    I wonder, though, how you manage to tear the book pages for the mixed media? I'm not sure I can, unless it's a book damaged beyond repair.
    I suppose I can print pictures of text, then rip and be book-guilt free!
    I'll be checking back to see how the screws turn!

  5. I have a very old copy of 1984 that I have been using. It was damaged beyond repair...but still, it hurt the first few times. I had blogged about this very thing many months ago, and Julie from Lost Luggage had this to say,

    "think of it this way...the books are very happy to "get out" and be transformed...since fewer books are made into art than are read...the non-art books dream nothing of being turned into art one day"

    I love that! Books dreaming of becoming art! (at least this is what I now tell my conscience ;)

    And yes, there very well might be glass included in this piece. Broken beer bottles as art material...hmmm, have got to google that and see what comes up!?

  6. This is really interesting to me as is...LOL Would that be too easy?

    Thanks for the comments you left me on my blog!


  7. oooh... the anticipation is killing me!
    kidding. i love seeing your process, the end is just the end! thanks! and love your sweet new mug shot. so sweet you are :)

  8. What a great post and such a creative way to showcase these rusty treasures. Looking forward to seeing what they look like soon!

  9. Thank you. :)

    I kind of like it just as it is too, Julie. But yeah, that's just way too easy... ;)


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