Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Snow Buddy

He looks a little sad, no?

Pondering the impermanence of life, perhaps.
It's not an easy life to be made of snow...I imagine. ;)


  1. why.... are the snowman's eyes red? why is he looking at me...?

  2. craig, i had to comment on the red eyes as well! E - Olives next time, k?!

    Ah, he's staring at me too!!

  3. A ha! You should have seen him the next morning...when he started to melt... Looked like he was crying blood. Mwha ha ha ha!

  4. he's a vampire snowman! who'da thunk?!!!
    LOL i love it! i mean, if you're gonna have snow for halloween, you may as well milk it!

    the possibilities are endless... there can be a bloodbath on your front lawn! the neighbours would love that!

  5. HE does look sad. Ah crying blood!


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