Friday, October 9, 2009

First Snow

Srsly. It is snowing outside right now. It just started. Big feathery flakes. The first snow of the year.

Two weeks ago we had the air conditioning on, the vestiges of summer lingering well into September, which rarely happens around here. But last night the temperature dipped, and the poor trees, who haven't even had time to turn colour yet, suddenly dropped their leaves.

Except for a few hardy souls who are holding on for now, like Little Spindly here, the lone, beloved tree on our property (although we are practically lousy with shrubberies).

Even on this busy day, we could, of course, find time to go out and catch a few snowflakes on our tongues...because that's how we roll.


  1. was 85 in my neck of the woods today ;) Though that is warmer than usual. hehe.

  2. 10 times more snow here than that.

  3. Yikes, we had our first hard frost this morning, it's in the low 30's this morning and I am. not. ready. Neither is spindly, from the look of those green leaves.

    One of the guys I follow on Twitter said
    Ahh, Fall. My favorite day of the year!

    Hooray for catching snowflakes and making the best of it. :)

  4. oh wow...first snow already?? I don't know how you do it!

  5. I am finding myself ready for fall. Summer was wonderful and I sucked every last drop of sunshine and every last whiff of breeze from it as possible. But as the seasons shift, I notice a shift in myself as well. I am happy for long pants and socks. I revisit my long-lost shoes. I switch to red wine, light candles, stay home more, retreat, revert, reflect. I listen to music which is more soulful, more reflective, more melodic and in general, I SLOW DOWN.

    Love it. Which I think, is what makes me a Canadian at heart.

  6. I love fall too K. "It's my favourite day of the year" too. ;)

    A whole blanket of snow this morning, with more forecasted for tonight...

  7. fall? what fall? we had 90k winds that blew everything off the trees and made everything look dirty and gross and then it snowed.
    fall? what fall? one second, it's the hottest day of the year, then, next thing you know, you're dodging Safeway bags as they hurtle toward you at ungodly speeds. then, your face is in perma-grin thanks to the high winds and freezing cold temperatures.
    fall? what fall?

  8. just found your great blog! snowed here too, wet cover the grass and pull down all the leaves snow! hope your snow disappears soon!


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