Thursday, November 26, 2009

Evangeline and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I went to sleep with a pain in my shoulder and now I have a pain in my neck too.

My son was almost late for school, because he played with plasticine instead of getting ready, and then he couldn't find his gloves, and by mistake, I snapped at him, even though I knew that I was the one who should have been helping him stay organized, and I could tell it was going to be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

My computer was really slow. My internet connection kept flaking out, and I have no idea why. I couldn't get half of what I wanted to get done on the computer.

Then I noticed that everything I had worked so hard to clean up earlier this week is messy again. How do I uncross things on my to do list? This means more housework for me, and I HATE housework.

Perhaps I should move to Australia.

It snowed a little, and the roads were a little icy. My car doesn't have its winter tires on yet, and I skidded even on that tiny bit of ice, and I knew it was going to be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

After lunch I tried to make a beautiful art journal page, but I smudged black paint right on the face of my painstaking sketch. When I tried to blot it off, the paper ripped.

When I went grocery shopping my spinach got squished, and a guy stared at me funny, and I didn't know why, and the cold made my shoulder ache even more. It was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

I could tell, because when I went to make some yummy Indian food for supper, I was out of ginger root and yogourt, and I had already just been to the store.

I made another art journal page about how frustrated I was, but that one didn't turn out very well either. Then I wanted to make some gingerbread cookies to cheer myself up, but I knew my stupid shoulder was hurting too much to roll them out.

In the evening my husband was so tired, and I felt really bad about how little I'd gotten done all day. I didn't want him to help me, but there was supper and lots of homework to do with the boys, and I had to let him. I wished we could go to Australia.

When I went to bed, I knew I wouldn't sleep, so I took some stuff to help, but I took it too soon and my eyes closed even as I got to the most exciting part of my book. It had been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day!

But I know that some days are like that, even in Australia.


My day yesterday...modelled after the wonderful classic "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" by Judith Viorst (you can listen to it online here). One of those days when the little things refuse to go smoothly. I tore my rotator cuff several weeks ago, and it seems to be reluctant to get better. It is getting me down to have to take things slow when I am raring to go for Christmas. But chiaroscuro, you's not all supposed to be peaches and cream. And being achy and squished spinach aren't much to be concerned about in the grand scheme of things...still, feels good to kvetch along with Alexander, everyone has a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day once in awhile (even in Australia).


  1. Feel better Evangeline :) We all have those days...

  2. They come around once in a while...but cannot squash the feelings we have on the opposite sort of day. Chin up :)


  3. Thanks guys. :)

    A cup of cocoa and a couple episodes of The Office and I'm feeling better now. Tomorrow chiropractor, and maybe that'll help. <3

  4. Oh dear! I hate those sort of days. Hope this day is turning out much better for you. :)

  5. well if i makes you feel any better, my neighbour has bedbugs and all the surrounding apts must also be treated to prevent scattering, and i have had to encase my life in plastic for i have had/will have to be again (up to 5 times), sprayed with toxic pesticides which i seem to be very very sensitive to it (pffft breathing, who needs it)and i don't seem to have them myself (i am analy careful and even attended a bedbug seminar to educate myself, and none of the signs are present), although i have the bedbug sniffing dog in next tuesday, so i don't think i have to do the laundering everything you own thing-- pray god the dog finds nothing. i am exhausted and overwhelmed and unwell, and money worries keep getting worse, and the reno is doing my head all the way you are not alone in the bad dayness, although i guess mine has spread to a whole season...oh well

    i do so hope you have had a better day today. You are awesome and deserve the very best! *hugs*

  6. E, so sorry about the bad day! I didn't know about your shoulder injury - my deepest sympathies and commiserations. I am finishing up physical therapy for my torn and impinged shoulder which has taken 10 painful months to heal. About a month ago I hit a wall of despair, having not progressed and just tired of the pain, but somehow, subtly, magically, something shifted and progress has been made. It is such a slow process, I wish you luck and patience! I celebrate the little things now, like hanging clothes in the closet or putting away dishes or shutting the hatch on the car with my right arm, woo hoo! I'm having my own pity party now about catching what I assume has to be swine flu from hubby who has been travelling too much, spending our week of vacation with the kids down and out. But I'm grateful that the kids either already had it, are immune, or my obsession with antibacterials and handwashing kept them well.
    And so it goes......
    Looking forward to yummy pictures of gingerbread cookies when your shoulder feels better :)

  7. I love that book. I use that saying sometimes. That really WAS a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. God for you for even trying o create art on a day like that. I'm glad it's over and I'm glad you shared it.
    Oh, and I want to thank you for your BEAUTIFUL art piece I got in the mail. I love it. And the message (grow) was just what I needed. I have it displayed on my book shelf. Lovely, perfect, what a wonderful treat.
    You are sweeter than sweet. Autralia would be lucky to have you!

  8. Shit yeah. Those sorts of days suck.



  9. @ Serenity SHEESH! Enough right! You have had such a string of bad luck, you poor thing. Bed bug sniffing dog? I mean, c'mon. I am sending those hugs right back atcha times 2. xo

    @Mel 10 months! No wonder you hit that wall! I am so moody and miserable after only 6 weeks or so...I can't even imagine. I went to the chiropractor again this morning. I am going to try a 5 week treatment program with him (my back and neck are really hurting at this point too), and then onto physio if I'm still not healed. It is so hard to be patient with your body! I want to be better NOW. I hope you are still feeling those improvements. I'm sending you healing vibes, and for those with the dreaded oink barf too. Not a great way to spend your holiday! Enough of that. Time for some good health and fun.

    @Bethany I am so glad you like it! :D

    @SB Thanks. I totally needed some commiseration. :)

  10. thanks E really need those hugs today

  11. OK, I have a shoulder problem, too! Raise your hand, or whimper, if you're shoulder is hurting you right now! and then get the ice pack. The chiropractic treatments hasn't helped much and actually suggested some physical therapy. boo hoo.

  12. E and fom, my physiotherapist said shoulders are the most painful thing she treats, and I believe her. The injury makes you use it less and the capsule gets frozen or impinged from lack of use and mobility and pain get worse, and my worst part was the muscle spasms in the arm, because they were so twisted and mad. What I learned is you have to stretch and work the shoulder and arm to the point where tears come, repeatedly, to get things fluid again, and that the shoulderblade muscles need to be strengthened to help support the whole package. I was unable to sleep through the pain for months, but things are 90% better now. I wasted 4 months suffering before I sought help, and cortisone injections did nothing, so my 10 months was half my fault. 5 months of hard work to undo one doggy related fall! I wish you both luck healing. And E, sometimes you just have to cry and then go on about your day. The exercise they started me on was to stand facing a wall and raise my arms up in a V shape, stretching the sore shoulder as much as possible. Also, to stand in a doorway, hands shoulder high on the door frame and lean in to stretch the shoulder joint. Get better soon, my friends.

  13. my goodness we are falling apart, well except mel who seems on the mend (happy dances) yes my back/shoulder has been giving me grief and i hope to get back to the ball exercises that help so much. physio tomorrow, always helpful. hope E and fom get mendy soon *sends luv*

    as for E's baking pics, also selfishly adding hope for quick recovery so i can vicariously enjoy them. thanksgiving's pictograph was awesome.

  14. Baking pics coming soon. The first batches were done...and eaten, during the few days when I was sans camera batteries. If I have time, it will be Tiffany Snowflakes this afternoon, tomorrow at the latest. I gots to get going!!!

    @Mel thanks for the stretches. I have been doing them. I am definitely feeling improvements from the chiro-quacktor visits. I hope your fall didn't set you back too much? Ugh. I did something similar once with a broken foot, tripped and tore my ligament just when it was finally almost better. I was so furious with myself for days, I could hardly even process it. So, I am feeling the frustration on your behalf. :(


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