Saturday, December 5, 2009

Polar Express Pulls Out of the Station

That's it. I woke up this morning, and it is ON. I am in that mood, you know, the carol humming, glowy-eyed, "I can't wait for Christmas" kind of mood! Not that I haven't been all full of joyful anticipation thus far, but as of this morning I am full on, full steam ahead until Krees-muss.

Maybe it's because as I stirred the boys' oatmeal, with my right arm (woohoo!), I realized that my shoulder is showing improvement. A downgrade from nauseous, cold sweat pain to a nagging, uncomfortable kind of pain, and as my fellow shoulder-suffering sisters can attest, that's huge! So encouraging.

Maybe it's because we got our first Christmas cards and packages in the mail. I love getting Christmas cards!

Or maybe it's the first gingerbreads having been made (and quickly consumed!), or watching the boys open up their first week of advent surprises. We got them Lego advent calendars this year, and you'd think we had roped them the moon! The excitement is palpable when they open the little door to find the Lego behind it every day, and 19 more days to look forward to.

Could be talking to the DQ on the phone every day, often multiple times a day. No one loves Christmas as much as that girl. It just isn't possible. She is positively brimming with the cheer...overflowing, overjoyed! It's impossible to be jaded around that type of wholehearted enthusiasm, you just gots to let go of the worry, the long to do list, the blasé grown up attitude and dig in.


  1. i woke up to stealthy cat barf spots (stealthy because he basically did it in three dark corners of the front room), spilled my yogurt all over the kitchen floor, then proceeded to get completely stuck in the back alley on the way to work. am now waiting the minimum 2 hours for a cab.

    so, despite having been decorated for weeks now, my christmas spirit left my body and in its place is a cursin', fist shakin' sunnuvabitch.

  2. Oooooh, lego ornaments! Christmas cheer! And shoulders that work!! Your post is very happy-making, thanks for making my morning!
    Holidy love and hugs!

  3. Could I at least spell Holiday right????

  4. lego advent calendar? my heart just skipped a beat thinking how cool that much be. The boys must have truly been amazed. You ROCK!

  5. @Craig The Christmas sunnuvabitch is an integral part of the holiday season, he brings balance to all the elves and wisemen (kind of like Anakin Skywalker). ;) I heard about that terrible storm y'all had. Hope you are well and safe.

    @Mel Typos be damned! We can't be constrained by such trivialities! Right? :)

    @leel The Lego Advent calendar does rock! So much fun to see them open it each day.

  6. christmas spirit BACK ON! it's cold as a hug from a republican out there and i'm eating cookies like a madman! it is ON!

  7. Hahaha, I'm laughing at the comment from Craig H above. Never heard that expression before. Glad to hear your shoulder feels better and that you're in the mood for Christmas and all it's cheer.
    My son is CRAZY about legos too.

  8. you are right it is ON full blast! xx's

  9. So glad you seem to be feeling better after your previous post :-)

  10. i think i am getting a contact christmas high just by reading your posts XD glad to hear your shoulder is on the mend!


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