Tuesday, December 8, 2009

17 More Sleeps

Stuff to do, stuff to do...but fun stuff, so the list may be lengthy, but it is chock full of crafty, baking, anticipatory goodness. So I am still vibing with the Christmas spirit!

Yesterday I made Christmas crackers.

We have always been disappointed in the lame-o little plastic doohickeys found in even the most high end crackers we've bought. Feels like a waste of money and materials. So this year I thought I'd take a whack at making my own personalized crackers with cool surprises in them. I found a few instructions online on how to make them and was all ready to roll, but then couldn't find the snap strips around here (all sold out). Not to be deterred I bought the cheapest crackers I could find, planning to take out the snap strips and discard the rest to make my own (bad, wasteful, I know), but instead discovered I could ease the cheap ones open, replace the insides with my own prizes and then put them back together and cover with some beautiful embossed Christmas paper I found. So much easier than my original plan (and less wasteful!). And voila our own personalized Christmas Crackers!

These are going to look oh, so nice on our Christmas table, and that embossed paper is going to be recycled into some art at some point (it is thick and shiny and has wonderful raised textures front and back).

OK, gotta go bake.


  1. great idea! altered art everywhere! you are so creative, im never surprised with the awesome treats and things you come up with.

    the hats. the paper hats. do you wear the hats? is what I want to know :) my mom usually makes us for a few minutes at least. LOL

    i do love the tradition of crackers!

  2. You are The Coolest Mom Ever. I'm way behind schedule and acutally asked myself today what the answer to 25-8 is besides not enough days for what I've left to do!!!
    Thanks for so many excellent ideas for holiday magic.

  3. acutally? Seriously? Hope you can translate.

  4. holy moley, crafty mc crafterson! i would have just bought everyone a kinder surprise and be done with it!

  5. If only I had known, I have a drawer full of snaps, my mum used to make crackers, and loads of the "right" size papers too!!

  6. @Leel I wear the hats, because I am just goofy that way. ;) But the kids couldn't care less about them, so I left them out of the custom ones. But the jokes, of course I included the jokes!

    @Mel I know hey? It seemed like there was so much time and now all of a sudden it's on our doorstep. I am scrambling too, usually I am way ahead of where I am at this year. But with that shoulder you should be taking it easy, maybe a really simple Christmas this year? (of course, practicalities and logic usually don't figure into my plans so maybe I shouldn't be trying to dispense practical advice? ;) *rubs sore shoulder from rolling out so many cookies yesterday*

    @Craig That's because you have the fabulous Mr. B to astound everyone with his cooking prowess, so you don't need the bells and whistles. :)

    @dryadart Darn,eh?! But thanks for the offer. Apparently snaps are hot commodities around here, they were sold out weeks ago.

  7. Crackers aren't a big thing down here, what with the revolution and everything. I've always thought we've missed out on a good one. As me, those founding fathahs threw the baby out with the bath water. These are gorgeous, natch. deb

  8. That would be "asK me." Sheesh. Sounds like I threw a baby out. d

  9. No throwing babies. That definintely belies Christmas spirit. ;)

    And I've never been that partial to crackers myself, until reading about the wizard crackers in HP. An admiral hat and live white mice?! A wizard chess set?! Yes, please.

  10. What a fantastic idea. But I wonder what's inside? Genius really. I don't think I've ever HAD a Christmas cracker. Sounds fun.

  11. you are so made of cleverness E


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