Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Star Wars, Nothing but Star Wars...


Birthday plans are in full swing around here. The party is on Friday (no school that day). Out of town family will be arriving Thursday night and Friday morning, and the kid-guests are set to arrive at 4:00 pm. So I am on the clock.

Everything is coming along nicely, with the possible exception of the oversized Death Star pinata, which is being a little uncooperative. (Dry, damn you! *shakes fist*)

Cake plans are completed. I think I have figured out a do-able approach for construction & decorating that will still look reasonably Imperial Star destroyer-like...but we shall see. I made marshmallow fondant for the first time (sticky, sticky fun!).

And plan on cutting out shapes to lay on top of grey buttercream to create the surface of the ship. For those of you who don't actually know what an Imperial Star Destroyer looks like:

See what I mean? Yikes. But I have a plan, and shall prevail!

(PS. the title is referencing that old Bill Murray SNL song, which is running through my head quite a bit these days! Go figure...)


  1. You Are Amazing!!!! Love the Birthday creations. You are so fearlessly creative, and so very humbling. Lucky, lucky boys :)

  2. You do everything so well, I have no doubt the cake will turn out awesome.

  3. OMG. LOL. I love all the pictures. And I thought the Death Star piniata was impressive.(shakes fist as well - dry dammit!) The Imperial Star Distroyer pic made me gasp. O.M.G. You amaze me. Looking forward to pics to come. You can do it!

  4. *Shakes fist in air* I've been singing that song ALL DAMN DAY!

    You go, Princess Leah (I still have that picture of you from 1993 and I'm not afraid to use it.)


  5. O>O krowe's nest what pic???? do tell, or rather do POST lol

    E you are the official rebel princess of all thing b-day. I know it will be awesome! go team you!!

  6. @serenity, I can't do that. We're friends.

  7. Oh my GAWD. I can't wait to see the result. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THOSE TEENAGERS!!!



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