Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It was a win. A smashing success. The birthday boys were thrilled, and their friends equally so. The DQ said that she is giving me "the academy award of party making". ;) And I'll take it.

A few days after the party, I am still breathing a long exhalation...coming down slowly. The house is getting put back together bit by bit (we had family guests for several days, as well as the party), and we are all very, very quiet...all partied out, all peopled out, but pleased.

The cake. The cake! It turned out. I was relieved and so happy!

It was big & impressive. There were oohs and aahs, and "this is the best cake you've ever made, mom!". The marshmallow fondant was easy and fun to work with, and tasted great. I will definitely be using it again.

The pinata was much less cooperative. I just didn't give myself enough time, and it had to be rushed along at every stage, which resulted in a lumpy, off kilter sphere and a slap & dash paint job, but it didn't matter. Smashing it to bits was one of the highlights of the party! The boys were laughing & screaming so loud my ears are still ringing.

The bulk of the party was spent "watching" Return of the Jedi (we had set up an online poll so that our guests could vote on which Star Wars movie they most wanted to see), down in our new "teenager room" (we made a hang out room for E&L as part of their b-day present, affectionately referred to as the Teenager Room, because ya know 10 year olds are pre-teens which is almost a teenager, so really they are practically teenagers right now, as explained to us by Elliot).

There was little actual movie watching going on. It was a lot of sounding of barbaric YAWPs and light saber fighting, while the DH manned the bar at the Mos Eisley Cantina, serving up drinks like shaken Bantha Milk, Jabba's Gork Bowl and Mustafar Lava. The drinks were a huge hit and the bar was hoppin'. Then when everyone was really, really hyped up on sugar we came upstairs for supper (homemade Pizza the Hutt and Boba Fettuccine!), presents, pinata and cake, then back down for the tail end of the movie and a couple more rounds from the Cantina. They were having such a good time we had one guy call his mom unbeknownst to us and tell her not to come & pick him up until much later. We eventually got everyone back out the door and put two very tired, but very happy almost-pre-teen-teenagers to bed.

At which point the grown ups added something a little stiffer to those Mos Eisley Cantina drinks. ;)


  1. And the Oscar goes to.....

    So wish I had been there!! So glad it was everything the boys had wanted!

  2. Holy cow! That is the most amazing mom-made birthday cake I have ever seen. You rocked the theme and make what appears to be the best birthday ever. I feel so inadequate somehow!
    Loved the creative naming of the foods and drinks! You know what? The gift of the teen game room is for mom and dad too, you just don't know it yet! Growing boys need lots of space and it's best to let them have it at your house rather than someone elses!
    kudos to a fantastic job and the mom of the year!

  3. I take it this chapter won't make it into the Unbusy Manifesto? That's incredible. I'm exhausted just reading this post. Congratulations for puling it off. Good for you! I am happily cheering from the sidelines. In a galaxy far, far away.

  4. oh and you are right... the toothpaste caps totally wouldn't have worked!

  5. awww what an AWESOME!!!! mom you are. wow.

    an amazing party for what i bet are amazing children. the cake is gorgeous.

  6. WooHOOO it's up! You rocked it for those teenagers! The cake is amazing. Buckle up oldies, 'cuz your house is going to be the center of all universes from now on. Oh boy, did you AX for it. What a great party! You guys must just be purring with satisfaction. Cool. deb

  7. And P.S.--when did your kids get so tall??

  8. Thanks all. :) I am pleased, and happy it's over. I was ready to move on to other stuff. (noOOoo, not all Star Wars-ed out! How could that be?)

    @Mel That was the DH's thoughts about making the teenager room (when I was balking at the time & money spent), that we need their friends to like hanging out here, that way we will have them closer and safer when they really are teenagers. And yes, already it is paying off for mom. They finish their homework and I say "why don't you go enjoy some time downstairs?" and then it is QUIET. Yay!

    @Krowe Believe it or not that WAS the unbusy version!!? You shoulda seen the plans I rejected as OTT! ;) And yes, tall. *sigh*

  9. Good Lord woman! You sure know how to make a cake! That looks beyond fabulous. WOW!
    Glad everything worked out. I stopped by on Tuesday and nothing was up. I figured you were all recuperating. Cool idea about the teenager room. I won't say anything about it to my son though, or he'll be wanting one too.

  10. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

    is there really anything else to say?? lol



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