Friday, March 5, 2010

Cupcake Friday


If you were a 10 year old boy who had a tough week, schoolwork was hard, your teacher was just not picking up what you were laying down, there was this stupid kid named Brian who was supposed to be your friend, but for some reason he was trying to get you into trouble, and social skills are not your forte, and it was all just so confusing and frustrating and overwhelming... would you feel better if you came home to warm cupcakes on a Friday afternoon?

I am betting on yes.

Chocolate Coconut Cream Cupcakes (some glazed & some not) and Banana Chocolate Chunk Cupcakes cooling on the counter. And I am off to pick up my boys from school.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Best. Mom. Ever.
    They look yummy, and you can see how much love you baked in them.
    I wish you were my mom. Or sister. Or neighbor.
    At least I get to call you my friend!
    Happy Friday, E!
    (I was up way too late helping my mr. waited too late to finish major homework projects. some things are just not very easy. At all. Like spelling for starters. Maybe I should make him cupcakes and make him start all his assignments days sooner. Hmmmm)

  2. You are the best mom ever too! It's easy to mother them at this age, and they still want all the special little things that warm a mother's heart to give...the teenage years, that's when the pedal really hits the metal, the rubber meets the road, the tough get going etc. (or something like that! ;) My hat is off to you. I don't even know how we're going to weather the hormones+executive dysfunction combo. *gulp*

    And I wish you were my neighbour too! You could come over for tea and cupcakes RIGHT NOW. Of course, then you'd see how messy my house is, and my children would accost you and talk Star Wars until your ears fell off and I would probably come off as all tongue-tied & stiff & awkward until at least an hour into our visit (because that's also how I roll!) yeah, if you could stand all that, come on over! :)

  3. yum! i made banana chocolate chunk muffins this week too :) You really are an awesomesauce mom in my books.

    (you too Mel!)

  4. I second the best mom ever award! I think I can smell those cupcakes! xo

  5. i am continuously amazed at your beautiful mothering.

  6. Must. Get. Passport! Yep, if you came here, the house would shock you, I'd have lots of starwars stuff for the kids to play with, maybe a DVD or two, and I would babble nervously for the first hour until I calmed down and remembered my manners and let you talk too! It would be awesome.
    By the way, your food photography is stunning.
    happy saturday!

  7. I'm so lucky to have you as my sister! But still no cupcakes for me... unless I drive 14 hours! Bestest after school snack ever!

  8. I need a cupcake. Right now. Post haste. Toute suite.

  9. Oh, I'm so sorry... Poor little guy! You are such a wonderful mom, Evangeline. You truly are an inspiration.

  10. Oh E!!!! You are the mother from heaven. Perfect delight, these look AMAZING!!!!!!

  11. Poor little guy. And friend betrayal. The worst! But look at them cupcakes. Yes. There's always MOM. Yay. deb

  12. *gets real estate agent and buys house next to cupcake lady* NOM


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