Monday, March 22, 2010

Just another Day

This Monday morning finds me slowly gathering the pieces of the day and the coming week.
Pieces like :
-the poor little Betta fish with a case of swim bladder disease
-the Parents of Autism Spectrum support group meeting tonight
-the kid who will beg me not to leave him, and hug me very tightly and sadly when I do
-the messy house
-bills and phone calls
-the DH's business trip
-the countdown to Spring Break (woot!)
-the boys' school troubles *blows raspberry*
-Spring allergies
-the new food allergy (E was confirmed as being severely allergic to hazelnuts last week at the allergist's)
-registering for a Summer Day camp
a camp for 2 kids who are allergic to everything outside, faint in the heat, have poor gross motor skills and huge anxiety, and that we can actually afford...hmmmm...

I think I need a to do list.

I have been haunting Aspie parenting boards online again. I don't know exactly what I am looking for. A sense of solidarity. Some sort of inspiration or advice. Something that quells the heaving mass of worry in my chest...that tells me they will be OK...for sure. But life rarely comes with certainty, there is no compass to be found. We just need to keep navigating day by day, knowing that at least we can say that we did the very best we could on this particular day.

And if I had a magic wand and could take all the bad away...the anxiety, the struggle, the miserable stoopid allergies...would I?

Should such a thing be done even if it could?

Their challenges will make them into the men they will become. They will learn from every trial. They will grow strong and compassionate and resilient. I need to trust in this.

So I'm off...

( to do the best I can on this one particular day)


  1. Oh E! Remember: just keep Optimism squarely in your sights. And one foot in front of the other. Tuesdays are always better than Mondays...

  2. and wednesdays are hump days!

  3. Thinking of you, Evangeline. Don't forget to take care of yourself too. Too many people and people rely on you.

  4. *hugs* did you get to see that hbo movie 'temple grandin'? that might bring you some hope. true story, well done, and definitely an aspie hope beacon.

    i feel ya re the overwhelmed feeling. i guess we all have challenges that seem kinda everesty sometimes. but i think you are doing a GREAT job, and i;m always as close as your computer if ya need to have a gripe or a shoulder

    hang in there!!!

  5. re temple...

  6. hmmm those links are not clickable--rats

  7. Thanks for all the nice comments. You guys rock!

    And thanks Seren, for the links. We did see the Temple Grandin movie and LOVED it. I have said it before, and I'll say it again, she is my hero. And I wouldn't say I am overwhelmed (nor underwhelmed for that matter, how about moderately whelmed? ;). Monday was just another day in the life. This is what it is. And I really, really love my life...the good, the bad and the Mondays. :) Just need to speak my fears out loud as I go, because it helps to diminish them.


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