Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Turn and Face the Strange Changes

We are in a state of flux. Change is on the wind. Uncertainty gnawing at the pit of my stomach.

I am not good with change, but I keep reminding myself that positive things can come from change just as easily as bad. I am willing good to be born from the upheavals great and small (but hopefully only small, just a teensy bit of upheaval would be nice. Thanks.), and I am willing myself to step forward into the next chapter with energy and hope.

Act, 9"x9" journal page on 90lb watercolour paper,
acrylic, graphite, ink & collage


  1. change and i are'nt great friends either, so i feel your pain. change, as it has turned out for us over here, has brought some amazing gifts that i never would have anticipated. blind faith, i think is the term, needed now. and my fave saying that is my one true touchstone in times of sheer panic and insanity? This too shall pass. Never fails. But I think there are some great things to come for you E, you are such an inspiration to me. I have faith in you :)(hugs)

  2. Evangeline, I love how you are positive about it though. That in itself is inspiring. I've went through a lot of changes in my life, expecting the worst, but hoping for the best. Best of wishes. I will be keeping you in my thoughts as you go through these changes.

  3. Ch-ch-ch-ch Changes! I sure am thinking about you and hoping everything works out best for you and your family. Your art is very evocative, I can almost feel it. Keep arting what's on the inside, lean on your friends and don't let the pressure build up! You seem so grounded and positive, and that's probably a mommy thing, because we have to be, don't we?
    Thanks for sharing, and I'm thinking good thoughts and sending them your way....

  4. oh if we could only be ok with uncertainty... I am now in the habit of thinking that the universe is conspiring in my favor, so change must be good!! : )

  5. "I am now in the habit of thinking that the universe is conspiring in my favor, so change must be good!" I LOVE this!!! :D I need it on a bumper sticker, or a t-shirt! ;)

    Thank you so much for the kind words and well wishes. They help so much. <3 I am not good with this limbo stage. I will be much better when I know what's next, either way. But perhaps the universe is conspiring in my favour too... :)

  6. Hi dear, look what might be something for you:


  7. the first thing i saw:

    a beautiful wind tossed sea with a boat in the lower right corner, making it's way

  8. What a wonderful page. Love the background and the search for images within.

  9. Just love this painting- beautiful- from the feel of the work's flow, to the colors, to the clock and ACT- all super. Just want to keep looking at it! Gorgeous!


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