Thursday, May 27, 2010

#10 Better Dreams

I dreamed I was painting. A brown background, not too dark, not too rich, neutral but varied and deep and glossy, like layers caught in glass. It felt really good to be painting. On top of my background, I put daubs of fleshy pink, loose and formless, but again almost translucent, light-filled. A very alive, lithe pink but delicate like you would imagine the inside of a womb to be. I was very satisfied in my dream. I had created just what I wanted. My painting was beautiful. It glowed.

I woke up itching to make art, but bothered by the pink. I have never liked pink. Nevertheless my best attempt at recreating it:

But I liked it better before the pink:


  1. Hey, my wish for you came true! I dreamed I had a job, although a strange one in a greenhouse, to which dh said I dream that dream a lot too, me working, lol. And I dreamed I was back in college, finals week and unprepared, but he was there with me, having fun walking to class so it was all ok, which is awesome because I met him after college and always wished we had met before. Nutty. Anyway, I like the before pink one too. I like the pinks nature makes, but my art pinks are harsh and fake and wrong. I keep trying to match exact colors my eyes see in the world and I can't with what I have. I really like the textures and depth you capture, and love that you dreamed this one first.

  2. so take the pink out!! I agree!!! : )

  3. Nah, I like the pink. Pink gets a bum rap. Check out Matisse. It'll change yer mind. deb

  4. i can see a skull in the centre of the pink version. ca-reepy.

  5. i vote for the pink one for it is more evocative of dreams, i get why that would show up in a dream =) glad you finally got a good dream E and mel too! yays


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