Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#9 OUCH!


#9 A doodle from my moleskine, done as I waited for a ride after a dreaded gyno appointment. Yup, ouch. The doctor marveled at my "exceptionally high pain threshhold". Um, no. It bloody hurt. Just didn't see the point in crying out. But, I guess I appreciated the compliment. I'd rather have a high pain threshold than a low one, because as the Man in Black said, "Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something."

Rather perversely, I find that physical pain can have a somewhat emotionally grounding effect. It goads me into the now, and the now is pretty, fucking good...if I can just let go of all the anxiety and the "what if's".


  1. Owie. My sister is there today and we were commiserating about hating having our innards poked. We do what we must, and endure what we have to, don't we ladies? Hope all's well on the inside and the out. And of course you're one tough cookie!

  2. yowsers! ouch! well, that's overwith, as my mother would say. hugs re: everything.

  3. interesting take on pain! I will respectfully disagree. hehe. I was so terrified of the gyno for SO long, and then I found a doctor I really, really liked and she encouraged me to get an exam done. The dentist hurts way more!

  4. Thanks guys. Yes, there are days when being a girl is distinctly unfun.

    @Dawn I am glad you found a doctor you like, that is so important! I have an excellent OB/GYN now, and I really like/trust her. But I will have to respectfully disagree about the dentist being worse than the gyno...that really depends on what the gyno needs to do to you, if it's just a regular exam and pap, then sure no sweat, bring it on, but for some of the more painful and invasive stuff, I am going to have to vote for the dentist chair. ;)

  5. oh...well i have only had a regular exam, but i have heard how awful those other ones are :( I still have to say that I HATE the dentist the most. The drills! the needles! AHH. I've had a lot of cavities in my time.

    By the way, i like your Dreams painting...AND the pink!

  6. hahaha i love how this turned into a conversation of dentist versus gyno. I have to go with the gyno is worse camp. I find the exams very painful and invasive o.o

    i love how you make lemonade out of lemons E arting your pain away!


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