Monday, May 31, 2010

#12 Family Circle

#12 Still processing the circles as a symbol for connectedness. This is another one for the watercolour moleskines sister project. This is my sister Elizabeth's book, with a theme of dreams.

My family came to keep me & the boys company over the weekend while the DH is away. The Dancing Queen was thrilled that my bed, sans one husband, meant room for her. It was piercingly sweet to feel her hand reach out in the middle of the night, a small touch to check that I was still there in the dark room, and to see her BIG, sunny smile each morning. That girl is a living lesson in joy and appreciation! Her almost indecent pleasure over each meal, her excited obsessing over my sister Victoria's dog, her ability to soldier on, despite almost crippling anxiety and sensory issues, if she just has one good thing to look forward to, even just a very small thing like a book about cats or a trip to a pet store or pizza for dinner, and her LOVE (fathoms deep, yet completely uncomplicated) for her big sisters. I am full of gratitude again today, for her and for the rest of my family.

(And the DH will be home tonight!!!)

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  1. ya i really dig your circles/connectedness themes as well. connectedness has been something i have been pondering for some time.

    ah the dq, lessons in gratitude and positivity abound with her for sure. thanks for sharing that, it does help with perspective =)


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