Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Unlucky #13

Remember that wire canvas from awhile ago? I have made some progress on it, but it is still very much a WIP. Some things are emerging that I really like, but as a whole it is not what I need it to be. This one has been like a puzzle to me, a puzzle I can't quite figure out.

And with #13 I am pressing the pause button on my challenge for a few days. I have an old and bestest friend coming to visit, and I just want to focus on him (as much as the boys and the zillion other things on the go this week allow). So I figured I can do that, the pause button thing, rather than have my attention divided into yet another frazzled fraction. I'll be back on Wednesday or Thursday next week, hopefully with some sunshine and cocktails and excellent conversation under my belt, and ready to roll once more.

In the meantime I just want to say thank you for all the lovely comments on my artwork in the past many days. I appreciate each and every one. This art sharing thing can be tough sometimes. It is hard not to get into that self critical downward spiral that ends with being curled in the fetal position under the duvet swearing not to try anything as foolhardy as making art ever again. It's hard not to buy into that art is for "artists" only mentality. It is hard to be a learner, a clumsy beginner and to show the world your awkward attempts and skinned knees. It's hard...but it's good too, and with all the kindness and support here it is much, much, much less hard than it otherwise would be.


  1. have a wonderful break and we'll be awaiting updates and art posts later on :) I've come to look forward to my daily dose of E!

  2. if things get hectic, i can keep occupied with a bag of Cheetos crunchits and a gin and tonic.

    but we'll walk it off.... right?

  3. it is hard isn't it? i'm ALWAYS reading Evangeline :) And you know, I wouldn't be able to get out of my fetal position if I didn't have YOUR support!

  4. Enjoy your time with your friend, it will pass quickly.

  5. Lovely blog, Evangeline :) I just stumbled in through the doorway left open via La Dolce Vita...it's always a treat for me to find another voice, another picture maker, a lover of words...and the desire to share... no worries, just keep going forward with what you love to do, all will be well.

    Best wishes,


  6. like laura, i happened here via la dolce vita. i LOVE what you are doing here! enjoy your pause. :)

  7. hope you're having(had?) fun with your friend, and as always i love your explorations =)


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