Friday, May 14, 2010

#2 Faulty Wiring


#2 In the last 2 days I have seen 2 news stories that have brought my mental processes to a grinding halt. The level of violence and suffering just does not compute. What goes wrong in a person's brain that can allow them to perpetrate such acts?

Made with: acrylics, book pages & inks


  1. E, striking. Sobering. Beautiful and heartbreaking piece, such reds. I envy you your art, I find myself mute, or dim lately. Yes, the world is going crazy. A world gone crazy keeps a woman in chains... the song in my ipod right now. Tears for Fears. Strange. It fits.

  2. looks like the slump is over, huh? that is a bold and powerful statement up there. nothing like the news to get one all furious.
    i've been working with red a lot. it makes sense these days.

  3. very powerful. disturbing world we sometimes live in, and i think youo aptured that beautifully. hug :)

  4. that is absolutely beautiful and powerful.

  5. wow! is it odd that i actually find that so full of life? i mean blood is life after all, and that speaks so much of that to me.

    i am with you on the mind bogglingness of violence...

  6. Bold, thoughtful and such a powerful voice your artwork has! Thanks for your thoughtful comment- art has such a magical way of being such a great creative communicator for all of us!


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