Monday, May 17, 2010

#3 Mamo's Buttons


#3 I am lucky enough to have interesting friends. Friends who read and think and share and create. Friends who have "art eyes". Friends whose stories and insights can catch in my brain, like seeds on the wind, and sometimes take root.

Made with: a pan pastel underpainting, acrylics and collage


  1. circles! sigh... gorgeous! i love the underpainting. the depth is great :) i lOVE this e.

  2. OK. That was cathartic. I took one look and started howling. I mean tears, snot and quick catches of breath. Wow. I feel better! How come!? My friend saw my Mamo's buttons! I'm not alone! Yay!!!! Jeeezusssss. I gotta go blow my nose. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox deb

  3. Thanks Leel! :)

    And Deb, I am so glad! (well, not for making you snotty bawl, but sometimes that's a good thing too. ;)


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