Friday, June 11, 2010

#14 No Words


#14 It is an odd sensation for me, to have no words, being as verbose as I usually am. But for the last several days, every time I try to speak or write something with any meaning in it, it comes out stilted and flatly a monosyllabic pancake, like white rice and cauliflower on a white plate for dinner. I am oratory drabsville...I got nuthin', no words.

Inside though, are a multitude of colours and images.

The words in the circle are lifeline, lifelong and life-net, and it is for Craig, who has been my friend and brother through many past and future lives.


  1. this one is intense.

    and it kinda looks like me. i think i made that face during True Blood...

    no, seriously. the mutual admiration society marches on. this piece really is intense. there's some universe shredding going on here. i'm once again honoured. the colours! the swirls that bring you in! the monolithic inky blackness! it feels all at once steadfast and chaotic. another bloody triumph (he says as he tosses his acrylics in the trash).

    and the no words thing? i wouldn't worry. we talked enough for at least 15 people in that stretch. of course, we could go on...

  2. when there are no words, there are still colours. thank goodness for that! beautiful piece for your friend :) thanks for sharing!

  3. ya i get that, sometimes words are all dessert dry and just not alive or wanting to be shared. you know i get a bit reclusive sometimes, and that is one of the reasons, or i'm off on one of my ponders...xD

  4. it goes like that sometimes! fortunately we don't have to be impressively articulate ALL THE TIME! very cool piece!


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