Friday, July 9, 2010

#27 Keep it Simple Sister!


#27 As the 30 days draws to a close I am thinking about what I have discovered, and where I want to go next.


  1. love the gritty, raw feeling of this, what great textured effects you've created. Congrats to you for having pulled off your personal creative challenge!

  2. I find it inspiring that you are nearing the end of thirty days of challenging yourself. Your art is striking and beautiful, the emotions behind every stroke so palpable.

  3. I'm seeing Huck and Tom's fence before the whitewash. And looking at process acourse. Always want to learn. Did some of the tape stick and some not? d

  4. No tape. Gel medium on watercolour paper as a resist (used straight edged strips of paper then smeared it on with a palette knife around the paper), then acrylic (Van Dyke brown) brushed on, water sprayed on, then brayer with a papertowel to take some away in random spots. Really, really quick and simple.

    And thanks Angie and Bren! It has been interesting, all these quick, successive pages. Now to distill direction, inspiration and meaning from it...

  5. I do love the minimal simplicity and subdued colors here.


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