Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dumbledore's Army Wants You!

Artwork by Craig Rousseau courtesy of Hey Oscar Wilde

I just got the following email from the HP Alliance:

My friends,

The Harry Potter Alliance is in serious danger of losing its first place position in the Chase Community Giving contest on Facebook. There is less than 1 day, and 10 hours left in the contest, and the 2nd place charity is currently gaining 1,000 new votes per hour! At this rate, this organization will overtake 1st place in less than six hours. The HPA will be in 2nd place. We need each and every one of you to find a friend and get them to vote. The difference between first and second place is $150,000 that could go towards literacy, LGBT rights, and expanding our reach. Take 30 seconds to send a friend over to, and help them vote.

At this point, every single vote makes a difference. We have the power and the resources to make this happen, and we aren't going to make it easy for other organizations to catch up with us.

Thank you all,
Andrew Slack
Executive Director and Co-Founder The Harry Potter Alliance

I can't tell you how much I love this charity and the philosophy behind it. The idea of taking a book you love and then making real, positive change in the world in its name and as inspired by it, thrills me to the tips of my toes! And if that book so happens to be Harry Potter...well then...I mean c'mon, y'all know how am going to feel about that! I even broke my code of NEVER DOING ANYTHING on facebook to vote. So if you have an interest and a couple of moments, please do vote. It would be The Awesome to see what they could do with 250 000K.


  1. Thanks for the link..I'm definitely going in to vote for Harry!

    I've had a great time poking through your site..such lovely art work you make! I will definitely come back and visit again...


  2. Thank you Lynette! I cheered when I read your comment. Feels great to be able to share a good cause!

    And thank you so much for your kind comments re: my blog. :)


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