Monday, September 20, 2010



For "The Butterfly Effect".

As I worked all I could think of was the effect on the world of the absence of those 1.5 million children, and everything they could have become. All of that potential creativity, love, discovery, energy...lost. I almost can't wrap my head around the scope of it (and I certainly can't wrap my heart around it), but it is so important for us to remember, more so with each passing generation. We need to try to think complexly of all that was lost, and what it means to humanity collectively and ourselves individually, and how that must inform our choices as history becomes ancient history, and it grows easier and easier to forget.


  1. Thank you, E. Very moving, thought provoking.

  2. i visited the museum at Auschitz once and I really found the scale of the genocide so hard to comprehend. Huge rooms of possessions from people who went through the camp were displayed. I remember seeing a little girl's hair braids which had been cut off and couldn't imagine the horror that child must have gone through. moving post and a very beautiful butterfly

  3. and the small person trapped inside is heartbreaking.

  4. Such a stunning and powerful butterfly. Just perfect!


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