Thursday, September 16, 2010

Beautiful Ideas


Trudi Sissons at Two Dresses Studio (found via Seth Apter's blog) is collecting butterflies for "The Butterfly Project" hosted by the Holocaust Museum Houston Texas, USA. The idea is to collect 1.5 million handmade butterflies, each in remembrance of one child who perished in the holocaust. The project is described in full here. My butterfly is in the works, and E & L will be making butterflies too.


You may have noticed  the "We are Muslim" badge newly added to my sidebar. Follow the link to learn more about standing together to combat ignorance and intolerance.

Two calls that have caught my heart and imagination. Two simple acts representing sanity, compassion, and never forgetting the worst, so that we are ever vigilant in requiring the best from ourselves.

Beautiful ideas.


  1. Umm....AWESOME!! I JUST made a butterfly journal page! AND labeled it "The Butterfly Effect." How weird :)

  2. Hi Angeline - thanks for joining in on the project - if you could be so kind as to email me with your email address at
    Thanks very much.

  3. Thanks for emailing Evangeline - sorry I mispelled your name


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